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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Just wanted to throw my two cents in.

I've been keeping up with this forum for years now and for about the past year or so all I heard was how awful the new changes were going to be. There was endless discussion on the subject. There were rumors and speculations that were allegedly based on inside information about how England was going to be completely repainted and rebuilt to look tacky and over the top. London Rocks was going to be a disaster and the new bridge was going to be unsightly. Etc, etc, etc. I don't mean to say those opinions are good or bad/wrong or right. I only mean to say that I read them. The forums are brimming with them and they often give a somewhat negative impression of the park.

I went to BG earlier this year to see these new changes, especially the ones in England. I saw nothing terrible. I crossed the new bridge. Loved it. I saw the new soda stand and thought it fits in perfectly. I sat and had wine in the new Italian sitting area as well as the one in France. All wonderful...

After that trip to the park I decided not to visit these forums very often anymore. Yet even so I did glance at the posts being made about London Rocks every once in a while and thus I continued to have doubts about the new show, especially after it opened and was being bashed quite a lot. All opinions are fair game and again I'm not saying those opinions are good, bad or indifferent. But as for myself I went back to BG this past weekend and saw the show with my own eyes, and even though I went in with a negative attitude because of what I'd already heard about it I nevertheless came out absolutely blown away by how good it is. The scenary was amazing, the set designs were excellent and made good use of the space where once there was only a screen, the music was danceable and fun and were great song choices, the puppets were cute and even the (obviously quite necessary) puppeteers didn't distract from the performance (I believe someone in another thread mentioned Forgetting Sarah Marshall and yes, yes exactly that haha). The Queen was silly and fun and the whole show was wonderful. The performers were very talented and did a TERRIFIC job and while I can appreciate other people's prudery I myself am not even slightly offended by two people kissing.

I ate at a number of the stands for the Food and Wine Festival and I thought it was all done well. I really loved that they had actors dressed in traditional garb talking to people in front of each stand and I think the park really scored a hit with the Festival.

My overall trip was excellent and in fact the only complaint I really have is that, as always, there were specific employees who acted like they really didn't want to be there. One of them even refused to sell my friend a beer because she (the employee) was on the phone talking to a friend about how busy it was and how she didn't think she was going to get out until late. But at the same time there were other employees who went above and beyond to make my visit wonderful. In fact I'm going to be writing to the park to let them know of these employees.

So for anyone else who skims through these forums from time to time and doesn't see an honest, frank impression of someone's visit... here's mine. I had a great time. I can't wait to go back and do it all over again.
Merboy I feel the same way London Rocks is a very good show, 1st timw watching it I came out scratching my head but after putting each scene together and figuring out what was going on I truely love it also the new bridge is better than the old one it replaced no I dont trash talk all the changes I do know everynow and then ya gotta change things up to keep people comming back just like Mix It Up the changes this year at first I didnt care for but now after watching it a few times its growing on me no i dont like all the cast member changes I would have loved to seen this version with last years members.
When did we ever criticize the new bridge? No one assumed that the bridge was going to be terrible, I don't know where you got that from...
Snark from both sides of the argument too....

Honestly, I didn't take any of that seriously though, we all know it's just sarcasm. But no one out-right said that the bridge would look terrible, they said things like that sarcastically, but we all should know sarcasm isn't true.
...does it really matter who said what and who said what to whom? I don't see what these "I told you so" conversations add to the conversation either way. The final impression each person gets on each thing is debatable, but the "you said; he said; she said" game doesn't do anything other than put people down, now does it?
The point of my statement was that we did judge some things before they were complete and we ended up being wrong. I simply used some examples from the original statement. I'm sorry that caused so much argument.
My family loved the show also. I had my wife and mother explain the story line to me, and both had no problems following. My kids would have been disinterested, but the addition of puppets, 4d effects and costuming kept their attention. The outside theming looked great at night.
In regards to posting, what people should realize is that not everyone reads the same way. One person can read something and understand it is sarcasm. Another person can read it and think it is a true insult. Sarcasm especially does not translate very well unless you hear it since sarcasm relies heavily on inflection of voice.

Just saying regardless of if it was meant sarcastic or not, it came off as snarky, negative, and insulting to a project before the project was even started. You can't always assume people know what you mean.
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