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Rode this for the 1st time today this season and although it didnt feel like it went any higher than it has in the past, it did feel like you were left with the freefall feeling in your stomach a lil bit longer than it has been.
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Rode the Ram this past weekend as it had noticeable issues with warning light indicators given to the operators. They had to accomplish lap bar re-sets to make a green light launch. Not certain to a height gain but still a blast for the little one. Speaking of my little one - is this ride really 42"? She's been riding this for 2 seasons with no height checks (she JUST turned 38" for the SS rollercoaster; lol). Matter of fact it was so funny to see her enjoy this ride I did a Ram ride count... with this weekend done, she's up to 29 launches!
I LOVE when the two side compete to see who can scream the loudest! One time the Ride Operator actually joined in and ended up making it like a game show, the winners got to leave the ride first! Too Fun!
Im the other way around..after a long day the last thing i want to do is participate in a screaming contest. BTW has anyone rode king's dominion's berserker? It is much better than the battering ram.
I really like The lack of super tight restraints on this ride. You can pratically stand up on some of the high points it reaches. But it doesn't feel dangerous either; I've never felt like I'm going to fall out.
I would say this is the best flat in Davinci's Garden of Inventions.
Jack said:
Something along the lines of the new logo on Battering Ram would have been decent. Just white text with the white coaster tree, like everyone's said. Just keep it simple.

In all honesty, it looks like a grocery store logo...

The new logo in white:

I think it looks pretty good. But...


The placement is awful. There is no way to see the logo in its entirety without standing at an awkward angle from the side.
If they had to stick the logo on it, why not a foot higher where you can actually see the whole thing? Just sayin'... :cool:
^That actually looks pretty good, it fits in naturally, though the coaster tree looks funny popping next to it everywhere so much!

And they couldn't do something similar on Verbolten because..?
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