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Pusheen Gardens
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
RE: Norfolk getting a 137 foot SkyStar Ferris Wheel.

Pretzel Kaiser said:

NORFOLK, Va. – A new entertainment attraction is coming to the Waterside District this summer!

The 137 foot high Ferris wheel, SkyStar, will be located adjacent to Waterside District.

The wheel features 36 climate controlled, private gondolas that will bring passengers 12 stories above the Elizabeth River.

“Waterside District continues to transform Norfolk’s skyline and we are excited they are bringing SkyStar to our city. This attraction is the perfect compliment to Harbor Park, Town Point Park, Nauticus, and the Battleship Wisconsin. The excitement is building for what will be a memorable summer experience, “ said Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander.

The SkyStar Wheel at Waterside is scheduled to open May 2018. Ticket pricing, hours of operation and party packages will be announced in the coming weeks.
Apr 5, 2011
RE: Norfolk getting a 137 foot SkyStar Ferris Wheel.

Looking into this, I think this might be a temporary attraction.  First of all, this was just announced and is scheduled to be up and running in a months.  Secondly, the website has the following quote in the press section in relation to going to a different waterfront area...
The SkyStar Observation Wheel will be on the Big Four Lawn from March 29 through May 6...

And finally, their facebook page has this quote...
See your City differently aboard SkyStar, the largest portable Observation Wheel in America.

So yeah, I work two buildings down from Waterfront in Norfolk and was really hoping this would be a permanent attraction.  But maybe someday Virginia Beach will get a boardwalk park.  (Just kidding, that will never happen.  Thanks, old people)


ParkFans Founder
Silver Donor
Jun 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC
RE: Norfolk getting a 137 foot SkyStar Ferris Wheel.

Someone needs to tell the news that. I thought a May 2018 opening was an insanely fast opening for something like this. If it was to be permanent I would have thought it was have taken at least a year to construct something like this. Portable makes a lot more sense now.

In fact I think portable is probably the best option. If Waterside invested in and built a permanent giant wheel I feel like it would not be successful. Perhaps when it first opened, but after the newness wore off I think that it would get very little ridership. It's not like Norfolk has a ton of tourists coming through to sustain it like Vegas or London. If this was something that "rolled" into town every other spring/summer then I think it would be a lot more successful; despite how awesome I think the skyline would look with one permanently housed at Waterside.

On a side note, I think that thing probably has a pretty awesome lighting package from the photos.

I found one of the press articles that explains Mondial built the thing: said:
The Waterfront Development Corporation joined Todd Schneider of SkyView Atlanta, Mike Berry of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and Stacy Owen of 91.9 WFPK Independent Louisville, to announce the spring debut of the SkyStar Observation Wheel at Waterfront Park’s Big Four® Lawn. The Ferris wheel will land at Waterfront Park for a 5-week stay, providing rides on the Big Four® Lawn from March 29-May 6.

The SkyStar Observation Wheel is the culmination of years of planning and specialty design by SkyView Partners and Mondial World of Rides. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a specialty erection and dismantling system, the SkyStar Observation Wheel is one of America’s tallest traveling wheels.

SkyStar features 36 climate-controlled 6-passenger gondolas that offer passengers impressive aerial views of the river over the top of the Big Four® Bridge, Waterfront Park, and the Louisville skyline. In addition to the breathtaking views during the daylight hours, the Ferris wheel will feature a state-of-the-art LED light show every evening featuring over 1,000,000 colored LED lights.

SkyStar, Waterfront Park’s newest visiting attraction, will be in operation during Thunder over Louisville and will serve as an anchor for a family-friendly area adjacent to the Big Four® Bridge.

SkyStar will also be in operation during the April 25th WFPK Waterfront Wednesday, the season opener for the 17th year of this popular concert series.

SkyStar will open on Thursday, March 29 and operate through May 6. The wheel will be open daily, 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Food & beverage by Festival Cuisine, including offerings by Little Cheesers, will be available for purchase.

Admission: Adult (Ages 12+) $14.15 + tax; Senior (Ages 65+) $12.74 + tax; Child (Ages 3 -11) $11.32 + tax; Children 2 & Under FREE. Members of the military & students (with valid ID) $12.74 + tax.

For group tickets or other inquiries, email

Tickets can be purchased in advance at
Apr 5, 2011

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