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Cedar Fair: Reports Knott's property broke 6 million visitors in 2018.
AECOM: They only hit 4.5 million minus the hotel.

  1. I love that Cedar Point is now a combined water and amusement park.
  2. They're still overestimating Disney and Universal attendance figures
  3. I've already outlined it before but SEAS gains are way overstated when you look at previous AECOM reports compared to how they've actually performed (they're still doing good, just not that good)
  4. Their attendance estimates for the seasonal amusement parks are off by at least 250,000 this year for the parks that I am aware about.
Seriously Cedar Fair reported an overall gain of 100,000 visitors from last year and according to AECOM their top 4 parks grew by over 200,000. I really want to know what actual research they put into this, because the reports I was reading showed no indication that Kings Island and Cedar Point had good years and Knott's was carrying the chain pretty much all of 2018. Their mid-lower parks, especially Dorney, Kings Dominion, and Carowinds were absolutely wrecked by weather and poor attendance last year, so I want to know where their numbers are coming from.
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