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Apr 1, 2010
This is late since we have been very busy. I'll just go ahead and make a summary since a full write up isn't happening. My first time with flickr, so you'll have to catch the photo rotation to match the descriptions. Sorry.

It was overcast and in the 60s. We did a Sunday to avoid crowds, which worked very well. The obligatory funnel cake was delicious. We did have problems with our pass discount not working at the funnel cake shop, though. Intimidator was 20 minutes from the BRIDGE? WTF? We gave up and went back later in the evening. It was still a 10 minute wait with a LOT less people waiting than Fury 325 had that morning for the same amount of time.

Fury 325 was only a 10 minute wait. We took advantage of that until our heads spun. After 5pm the wait slowed down to 20 minute, even though the line was not really longer. Herein lies views of the gloriously empty queue and a panorama of this beast from the entrance.

The new location of the old bridge state line sign is where the old Carowinds signage use to be. A nice touch to see it displayed rather than trashed (unlike another park I know that seems to trash old things). From a mine tipple to boat dock to a walled in restaurant. That poor building loses more of it's original identity every season. The fountain by Vortex has sadly been removed. The 37 1/2 Speed Limit sign is one of the last vestiges of Wayne's World now that the entrance sign, road markings, Mike Ditka's, hockey player, the wrecked Pacer, and this year's Rock Shop guitar neck having all been removed. The postcard photo op has been updated from a classic look to a modern Coke theme. Apparently there are no more free fudge samples. Hopefully, it was a fluke that day. Do you think Carl would let a BGW Fans member build a model celebrating a past look in the park? Not ONLY displaying it in the park but ALSO building a custom display case for it?

These cluster of signs are new. Nice signs in each state containing facts and tidbits. A helpful dinosaur sign. Many of the dinos where not operating and in need of attention and care. Paramount had no shows to speak of for many seasons. What a plethora we have now! They have a small stage next to Harmony Hall for Taste of the Carolinas event where various local bands play live gigs. Enjoyable, but mostly ignore by the public.

Some ride views. The Skytower was, and is, still down awaiting parts needed for a repair. Vortex got the Tempesto treatment with SlingShot. The Ricochet was down all day. The Hurler re-track was awesome but all the other curves need the same treatment.

Some classic landscaping survives from Paramount's razing of trees and water. The area between the kid's area and Afterburn use to be so relaxing after a long day of kids. But Cedar has many areas of shrubby attention going on. We only took photos of a few spots. I'll do better next trip. There are still some barren and less kept areas around. Hey, they are attempting it period. I'll take it. I appreciate the small attempt around Fury 325, too. There is even some action behind Intimidator where many people will never look. We are also happy to see asphalt slowing disappearing in favor pavers in many areas.

Finally, the Taste of the Carolinas. Booths were placed in two areas for the NC and SC side. Kiosks described what each boot represented. The booths were simple, fit, and looked nice.  I like how the event was not spread around and the booths where placed where nothing had to be altered. They supplied a nice little booklet of the event with booth locations, descriptions of the areas represented, and a food samples checklist.

The food samples were VERY small and $4. The food was mostly sterno warmed in trays all day. So, it was hit and miss on taste and freshness. There also seemed to be supply problems with items being out at various booths. The attendants tried to make up for this at some booths. They piled on extra helpings for the food they did have left. Other attendants were despondent, bored, and certainly not interested in being there. There is a photo of the Beer Basted Pulled Pork Sliders and Barbecue Chicken Slider with Lexington Dip, both from the Lexington Barbecue booth. To compare; the Pork was good, if dry, but the chicken was super blah. There was also a beer or wine sampling we did not attend.

Carowinds is not there yet, but working on it. They are doing well enough to pull us back for the 90 minute drive for a junkie fix. They still need to improved attitude of operators and store employees. There is one girl at the Fury 325 photos that is SUPER nice and friendly. More of her like, if you please. Unfortunately, the rampant barrage of rude teenagers still plagues the park. Only this time they brought their rude parents with them. Politeness check, please?
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