2020 Taste of Busch Gardens

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Jul 13, 2017
Has Le Scoot been running the last couple of days? We are going tomorrow for the morning session. My 5 yr old is really looking forward to riding it.
Jul 19, 2020
Something tells me there is more than 1,000 people here tonight - it’s not “busy” by any means but pathways, queues, and eateries definitely feel more filled out than previous visits. Even if so, I'm having a great time and am satisfied with cleaning efforts by staff and rule following by guests.
Oct 22, 2019
France was full of people.
It really depended on where you were tonight. It was my first time back at Taste since the opening night, a Wednesday, and it was definitely much busier in France/New France as you for the convergence of people coming back from Germany and going TO Germany. Which is better, at least, than with Coasters and Craft Brews where that cross-traffic was in Wolf Haven instead.

Makes me wonder how things will play out with Halloween Harvest, though, where the pathway situation is extremely messy and there’s really no way around it.
Mar 18, 2017
Last night seemed like people got there earlier. Maybe I was a few minutes later than before but parking was more full, although same gate wait. However many left a bit early and it didn't seem crowded after 7. Maybe there were more that did 2 sessions.

I was at Verbolten around 7:40 and saw the line go from nothing to 10-15 min. before I could get on because someone threw up and then they decided to sanitize all the trains (3) including the one they had just hosed off and also had to wipe excess moisture off after sending them around. They ran 2 trains on Griffon vs. only 1 the previous Sunday. Both nights it was mostly near empty but there was an odd surge around 8:30. I went to ride FF around 8 and saw a stream of people walking out-wards and not stopping in Ireland either, so there was only a next ride wait.

After going several times, I can say it IS time to switch up the attractions!
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