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Mar 19, 2014
I'm headed there next week, and I've been told that the food there is pretty terrible. Should I avoid it? Also, do they serve breakfast?
The food on our trips has been standard theme park fare in terms of quality. Edible, and usually decent, but not outstanding.

On recent trips, had burgers at Spice Mill. This was the worst of our dining experiences - the burgers were sitting in a warming tray and slapped on a bun in front of us. It was edible, but would have preferred to see it come off of a grill and not out of a warm water tray.

We've also had lunch at Seafire Inn. I had fish and chips on the most recent visit - it was good. Seafire also serves breakfast - standard scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuit, french toast sticks, etc. It's filling, but again, theme park quality.

Best meal I've had at SWO has been the brisket at Voyager's Smokehouse. It's apparently the same supplier, recipe, and cooking procedure as BGT, but it was far better than I've had at BGT.
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I've had some good and some average food at Sharks Underwater Grill. Fairly cool restaurant though.

The food at Antarctica wasn't bad, it just wasn't particularly international.
BGW's food quality is actually very shocking to me. Their mashed potatoes and mac and cheese come pre-cooked in a bag. Jut rip open, heat up and serve. That said, they are still very delicious.
It's pretty hard to find an amusement park that doesn't do that. Heck, most chain restaurants do that.
I found it shocking since their food is supposedly high quality and I expected them to actually mash their own potatoes at the very least.
I think that as long as you check out the menus carefully, you will find the food is pretty standard for theme parks. And Sharks is pretty cool, in terms of theming and ambiance.
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We always make a reservation for Sharks, because it is hard to get into otherwise. If you go, be sure to check out the bar: it is an aquarium.

Somewhat food-related: they have a refillable Cup That Cares with a special Freestyle Machine flavor in Antartica.
How would you say the show experience is? An up close viewing might be worth it with the food.
Illy said:
How would you say the show experience is?  An up close viewing might be worth it with the food.

I love it.  You won't get any closer to Killer Whales unless you become a trainer.  The tables are just a few feet from the edge of the training pool.

Here's a video that shows the closeness of the whales and some of the food they offer.

Here's a tip:  If you do Dine With Shamu, eat very lightly beforehand so you can splurge at this AYCE buffet.
Illy said:
Well, it looks like I'm doing that.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Be sure to make your reservation in advance as they tend to max out especially this time of year with visitors from all over for Spring Break and Easter vacation. If you have a pass you should be able to get a discount.
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