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Indiana Beach Vibe
May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
Not a topic you want to start because of issues but it looks like Bizarro is suffering the same ill fate as El Toro and i305. Tweets have come out about the ride being down all day, and fingers are pointing at the engine.




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Seems to be just technical issues, Bizarro got back up and running an hour ago. Considering it's had problems for the last two days I wouldn't be surprised if it breaks down again later tonight/tomorrow.
Ahem, Superman.

My god, do I wish I rode this thing with the MF T-Bars because I assure you, there is no way it wouldn’t be in my top 5 still today. This roller coaster probably has one of the greatest layouts I’ve ever seen. It was unbelievably ahead of its time in 2000. I will say my initial ride I was mostly concerned with verifying than I was ensuring I wasn’t stapled. That was a mistake. Do whatever the hell you have to do avoid being stapled by those horrid abomination brick things because the pain on my initial ride in the very back car was pretty rough. After that I would pull it down just enough and let the Ops take it from there if the needed to. Again if you go ride, AVOID being stapled it’s worse than any other thigh pain I’ve felt from a lapbar. Now if you’re NOT stapled….

You slowly ascend the lift hill next to the river with this amazing view of the park. The entirety of the iconic Superman song blares the entire way up the lift. At dusk this was giving me chills. It’s definitely an experience to hear that song going up with such a great view. Then you go down the drop into a hell of a head hopper visual that is one of my favorite first tunnel drops, ever. The valley does rattle slightly but this ride is 23 years old and it’s nothing like a B&M rattle. Smooth massive camelback with sustained floater, smooth but fairly tight turnaround, a cool near miss visual as the train approaches a smaller camelback that has stronger airtime than the first, then there’s the hill that tries to kill you. The first ride stapled this part was brutal but I braced every time after that and it’s some strong airtime and I cannot imagine what that felt like with T-Bars. Then it goes into this wild section that makes me think of VelociCoaster, just 20 years ago. The twister section is delightful as it switches between airtime hills and turns. Most of the airtime hills hit in this sequence not every single one but they mostly give decent ejector pops in the back especially.

This ride still made my Top 10 (9) WITH those horrid restraints. I sincerely wish I rode this ride sooner it’s unreal and if you haven’t hit it yet, SFNE, Lake Compounce, and Quassy are easy to do in a 2-3 day trip and there’s cheap flights to Hartford on Breeze out of RIC. Boulder Dash is also a ride I have comments on but that’s another day. Seriously go ride Superman it’s really fun. The U bricks do suck but the layout is just unbelievable. Plus Wicked Cyclone is a great time and I honestly really enjoyed my day at SFNE overall. Weirdly in my park rankings it landed 1 spot below KD. But it’s got a nice old school charm to it…..and Six Flags sh*t but it’s still pleasant, and Superman.
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Yeah, I have a lot of the same thoughts. Incredible layout, top tier setting, way better than its contemporaries. That being said, what I remember most was constantly holding onto the sides of my lapbar trying to keep as much weight as possible off of my legs on every airtime hill. This would easily be one of my favorite coasters in the country if it had reasonable restraints.
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