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Sep 10, 2012
Wow! Just realized there wasn't a thread for this. So, here you go!!

Sunny Days Celebration

A cute eight-minute show over in the Forest of Fun. Kids of all ages love it! Plus, you can play in the waterworks stuff before and after the shows. :D
I just noticed the same thing, CK! I've never seen it, but from the standpoint of a parent (or younger kids), how is the the show? ... Keeping in mind it's really meant for kids, of course.

Also, just to point it out, the Forest of Fun has kind of grown on me. I can now feel like it's starting to fit into the park's feel as everything ages and grows in.
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The kiddies will like it no matter what. It is bearable for the parents at only 8 minutes. Typical Sesame Street fare. :cool:
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