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Sep 10, 2012
This marks the end of my pre-Spring Break whirlwind tour of BGW. Since the park has been closed for 2 1/2 months or so, I needed my fix. We have gone every day the park has been open. I live about 8 miles away so it has not been a big deal at all. Today finally felt like a NORMAL visit for me and my girl; not worrying about looking for new things and doing some stuff we haven't done in some time.

After arriving around 9:45, we decided to have breakfast at Squire's Grill. It was a surprisingly decent breakfast at just under ten bucks for the two of us. I have never eaten breakfast at the park before and didn't realize that it was even served, even though I have walked by there many times. We originally were going to have a lunch somewhere later but somebody was hungry NOW.

Next was Pirates 4D at 10:30. Haven't seen this in some time because the little one doesn't like the spider or getting "spit" or "pooped" on. She survived. Aren't a lot of people in this movie dead?

Because of our Kid's Day plan, we walked counter-clockwise to Ireland and rode... Europe in the Air (as the whole of BGWFans groan). Haven't been on this in like two years. Let me tell you something... After finally upgrading and getting used to BluRay and HDTV over the last two years in the chicken household, this thing looked awful. It was a fun ride I guess, but they need to upgrade to HD or something if this is going to stick around much longer. I had also forgotten that this ride is the only thing in the park that makes me feel a little queezy afterwards. Potty break.

At 11:30 was More Pet Shenanigans! A family favorite. Though as enjoyable as ever, many of the critters were a little off today. The poor kitty who bounces on the posts near the crowd couldn't get it together. Apparently he got scared by something in the woods the other day and hasn't been right since. The other little kitty that pulls himself across a rope upside-down was having trouble as well. He fell once and had to be assisted most of the way. There seemed to be quite a few newcomers to the show. And oh yeah, Stevie the Parrot must have had the day off or something because that portion of the show was skipped entirely. Hope things are OK.

Walked through the Wild Reserve. Aviary was closed. On to France.

Saw the on-going construction and notorious doors. Checked out the wine cellar. Continued to Rhinefeld.

Rode the carousel. Played in Land of the Dragons for a bit. Then followed the Bunny Trail to Germany.

Took a picture with the Easter Bunny. Told the lady at the counter that she should fix or change her customer display monitor. The colors were all kinda white-washed out. They didn't look good at all. But she showed me her screen and they looked great. She thanked me for pointing this out. They probably lost some business because of this.

Time for Darkastle. Awesome as always. Even though we do get "spit" on at the end.

Next, I had a promise to keep for a little girl who did all of her chores. We played the RING TOSS game. Got a big bucket for ten bucks. It came with a choice of a penguin or shark plush toy. We got the penguin. Had no luck landing a ring on a bottle, but it lasted for ten minutes or so and was fun. Noticed that the golden bottle is no longer towards the center. It is now on the back row in the middle. I asked why, and was told to make it more challenging. Translation: too many people have won the iPod or whatever prize you get.

At 1:30 was the Maypole Dance show that I keep missing. It was sprinkling just enough and got cancelled. Bleh!

Time to go home. They announce that the park will close early because of the weather. Oh well, we were leaving anyway. We walk back towards the carousel and go down the hill to the Rhine River. The boats are running (one anyway) and we hop on. The captain takes us on a route I have never been before. Instead of hooking a left towards Apollo's Chariot, we go straight to the dam where they usually sit for the fireworks show. Cool!

Off the boat and time to climb the stairs (57 steps). Took a detour through the stables to see the Clydesdales and warm our hands on the heaters. Stopped in Union Jax to sit on our favorite little couch in front of Guitar Hero. Then on to the England parking lot. Nice little visit, but time to go home. :cool:
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That's good to hear. We really like the parrot part. With animals you never know. Glad he wasn't someone's dinner.

Found out it has been too cold for Stevie to perform. Don't know the exact temperature but maybe below 47 degrees or so. :)
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