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Feb 6, 2016
"Coke Zone
Need a place to chill from all the fun? Stop by the new Coke Zone to relax under an umbrella or take a break in an Adirondack chair. While in the Coke Zone, enjoy a chilling nitrogen-infused Coca-Cola flavored ice cream treat made to order in just 30 seconds at the all-new Minus 321˚. The evening hours will spark WOWS as 20,000 lights will amaze you in a spectacular lighted garden presentation.

Cool off with special summertime treats available at one of the park’s food kiosks. Purchase a Summer Nights Food & Beverage Sampler to try them all. You’re tastebuds will thank you.

Island Freeze Frozen Drinks open 12 p.m. to park close
Minus 321˚ open 4 p.m. to park close
Virginia, Hawaii, Caribbean open 5 p.m. to park close

Summer Nights Menus

-Fried Pineapple
-Jerk Chicken Slider
-Fruit On A Stick
-Frozen Caribbean Sunset
-Ginger Limeade

-Spam Musubi
-Kalua Pork Slider
-Hawaiian Ice Cream Sandwich
-Frozen Blue Hawaiian
-Hibiscus Lemonade

-Fried Green Tomatoes
-Canadian Bacon On A Stick
-Strawberry Mousse
-Apple Pie Moonshine
-Strawberry Lemonade
-Watermelon Punch

Island Freeze
-Aqua Marine
-Bahama Mama
-Frozen Beer
-Piña Colada
-Shark Bite
-Strawberry Daiquiri

Minus 321˚
-Coca-Cola, Fanta, or Barq's Root Beer Infused Ice Cream
-Coca-Cola Brownie Sundae
-Ice Cream Floats
-Coca-Cola Beverages

Minus 321˚ is the perfect way to chill out on a hot summer day. Stop by this cool new ice cream shop to enjoy a chilling nitrogen-infused Coca-Cola flavored ice cream treat made to order in just 30 seconds.
Menus are subject to change"
RE: Summer Nights

Here are some photos. At first I was skeptical about the new paint on the former France kiosk, but so far I like it as long as Coca Cola doesn't force any more advertising on it. On the other hand, Coke bottles like the one in the main flower bed now line the back wall of the Royal Palace Theatre. At least it's kind of out of sight for now rather than on the stage somewhere.


RE: Summer Nights

Everything was out in the open, except the Coca Cola ice cream booth, which was still behind fencing.
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RE: Summer Nights

Heard while leaving yesterday afternoon that there is going to be fireworks every Friday night either from now till the end of August or just for the month of August. Sorry but I don't remember what the team member said.
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RE: Summer Nights

Does anyone know what this "spectacular lighted garden presentation" will entail? Will it be like Starlight Spectacular at Kings Dominion?
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RE: Summer Nights

Alf33 said:
Heard while leaving yesterday afternoon that there is going to be fireworks every Friday night either from now till the end of August or just for the month of August.  Sorry but I don't remember what the team member said.

I think every Friday in July and August
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RE: Summer Nights

Joe said:
Does anyone know what this "spectacular lighted garden presentation" will entail? Will it be like Starlight Spectacular at Kings Dominion?

Going through the Wildlife Reserve I thought that's exactly what this will be like. Even outside of the habitat garden, there are numerous lights pointing upwards at the trees. I think our old amphibian friends might want to find another place to hang out at night.
RE: Summer Nights

I just found this on the main page of the passmember area:

Saturday Swag
The first 1,500 Pass Members to visit the new Swag Shack between 2 – 4 p.m. every Summer Nights Concert Saturday will receive a special gift from our friends at Coca-Cola®. The Swag Shack is located in our new Coke Zone relaxation area, near Lorikeet Glen. It’s easy, visit the Swag Shack, show your active Pass and receive an appreciation gift each concert Saturday in July and August. See you then.

Free Coca-Cola® giveaways are available on a first-come, first-served basis. One giveaway per active Pass Member. Pass Member must be present to receive giveaway. Giveaways will be distributed between 2 – 4 p.m. or until quantities are exhausted. The Swag Shack will close at 4 p.m. Pass Members must show a valid pass. Offer valid to Busch Gardens 1-Park, 2-Park and Platinum Annual Passes. Concert performances are subject to change/cancellation without notice.
RE: Summer Nights

I am very disapointed in this event. Tonight at 6pm all the music switched over to modern 2000ish pop music. No mixing with other eras. I understand wanting to create a party like atmosphere, but if BG wants to keep older guests happy, they will need to have a more varied music selection. Second the lack of shows later. The 8 o'clock hour was dead with nothing. The last CF was at 6pm. Why did they eliminate the standard 8pm CF show? 9:45 is way too late for fireworks. All for One should have been at 9pm with fireworks no later than 9:30. 15 minutes may not seem like much, but it does matter. Why no October zest today? Festhuas was a dead zone. I really hope this isn't indicative of the rest of the summer.
RE: Summer Nights

I heard the lack of OktoberZest today was due to their working on Tuesday (July 4th) this week, their usual day off. That being said, I agree with you on the lateness of AFO and the fireworks. Also, the band playing in France, The Invaders, at the 8:45 show had to play over the hamlet soundtrack. AFO ended just as the fireworks began so we missed part of the fireworks exiting the theatre and getting to a decent viewing location.
RE: Summer Nights

Did anyone pick up the Saturday Swag yesterday or know what it was? I had to work =(
RE: Summer Nights

Went Saturday but didn't get the Swag. I was surprised at the low attendence Saturday, even with the concert it was low and maybe that with the 4th holiday they had a shortned show schedule.
I do like the options of the food booths being out for Summer Nights but was really disappointed in the music they played. It was just not fitting and just terrible.
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RE: Summer Nights

That's interesting... This is the second or third post that comments on low attendance this time of year. I believe a saw a post or two that July 4th time frame wasn't as crowded as expected and I saw a Instragram post from Luke on a Friday (last week I think) that showed a pretty empty park. I hope for the park's sake this doesn't continue. A busy park means they are making money and can reinvest it into the park. A dead park means they will be cutting staff or services they offer. I hope the park has a good and profitable summer....

I went a bunch this spring and it was always crowded with large groups. Plus with the opening of InvadR, they always seemed busy...
RE: Summer Nights

Just so everyone knows, based on Friday 7th's operations, BG is not allowing people to stay in the Royal Palace Theatre to see the fireworks this year, even though there are only a few seconds between curtain call for AFO and the start of the fireworks. By the time most people are out of the theater and within the nearest viewing distance by Josephine's, the fireworks may already be over.

There was no announcement prior to All For One that this would be the case. They had one person shouting from the back of the theater for everyone to leave. I was baffled. I wouldn't expect this kind of behavior at the worst of amusement parks, but from BGW? It's beyond deplorable.

I managed to exit on the audience's right side of the theater to get to a viewing spot before anyone else, and even in the village the was no music. I heard from a reliable source that there was supposed to be music but it just didn't play. I can understand that, it happens. What's worse is that it seems as though the soundtrack is yet another unoriginal pop music playlist that was not created along with the show.

If I knew this was to be the standard for BGW's fireworks from now on, I would never go out of my way (I don't live outside the park like some) to watch any other fireworks shows here. Not only could I see this and more at King's Dominion, I could have also avoided the 4th of July fireworks to see it at any mall.

Sadly, this is only one part of my disappointments from Summer Nights. I hope to give a few good food reviews soon, but seeing as how people only have 4 hours to tackle all kiosks, that review also may have a few sour notes. Right now I am very disappointed, but I am desperately hoping for things to get better.
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