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I probably should be working...
Oct 2, 2018
Figured this would be a good spot to start this thread, as fireworks fall under the Entertainment dept at BGW and they tend to pop up at more than just "special events".
I don't like fireworks at bgw. The park isn't built to view fireworks from anywhere really, so half the time you just see colors in the sky behind trees.

It's rather a waste of money imo. :/

1 retort to this though:
Oooooh Preeetttttyyyyy
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1 retort to this though:
Oooooh Preeetttttyyyyy
And a volley back:
And unless you're in one of two highly crowded areas you can't even see them, so oooh preeettyyy doesn't really work.

I'm fine with fireworks other places like for the 4th of July or at Disney. But it really doesn't work at BGW, and I would rather they didn't. :/
I'm talking about their dedicated fireworks viewing spots which is: Germany-Italy bridge and maybe FoF. (Ireland is a rather garbage spot) Sure, you can find tiny spots around the park to watch them and you might be successful in finding an otherwise okay view. But I'm speaking specifically where they say "This is where you stand to watch fireworks". As the average park goer is either going to make time to watch them by finding a designated spot, or they will stop wherever they may be to try and see them.

Two of the three spots you listed are near the Germany-Italy bridge, which is the main spot to watch them, so you're almost guaranteed a halfway decent to pretty good view. I imagine the old Cabana location is just high enough that you'd get an okay to good view.
I find Ireland to be a great spot. The trees are a minimal interference, plus easy access to Grogan's and the exit to the park. I agree the boat "sock" area is a good spot. Not very crowded.
I am usually partial to da Romans da Rapids plaza. Can see straight through to the bridge.
My problem with BGW fireworks is that they sorta suck. Very basic, boring, simplistic displays. Back when IllumiNights first started and they used two remote launch sites in addition to the train bridge, things were a bit better. Nowadays though... Meh.

I know the general public really enjoys them and I think it's an important selling point for summer evenings to keep people in the park so they buy dinner... But I don't understand fireworks on any night when the park isn't open past 9 or any day that is going to be local-heavy vs tourist-heavy.
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Not gonna lie, seeing the fireworks reflecting off the Rhine from the San Marco bridge is an incredible sight. Sure, the number of spaces is limited and you usually have to wait there for a while to get a spot, but the spectacle is beautiful.

Also, getting the timing right to be riding Apollo during the fireworks >>> everything
The real question here is are they going to relocate the fireworks when Pantheon opens? At that point 3 rides will have to be closed due to the display.
Best place to watch them is Griffin if you time it right. Slowly climbing up the lift hill the view is incredible.
Not necessarily about the fireworks themselves but I must say that the employees who enforce the “must be standing behind the white line” rule on the bridge can go a little far. I feel like just my heels being over the line is a bit of a nonissue?? Especially when it’s not that busy and there’s still plenty of room in the walking zone.
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Yeah I had that experience a couple weeks ago. I mean I had maybe a quarter of an inch worth of foot over the line and was told I couldn't stand there.
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