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It’s interesting to me that it has Hard Over the Shoulder Restraints instead of vests. I though all new B&M Looping coasters had vests. Is that just a concept art thing and it will actually have vests, or will it actually have HOTSR?
So there is all kinds of things flying everywhere about this park right now. One of the most damning is that there is a picture (attached) of a B&M that it seems Storyville completely ripped off for the image they have in their teaser tweet. I personally don't know the source of this picture but it's pretty clear that the Storyville image isn't concept art but a filter of an existing coaster. On the other hand, the land that they were looking at purchasing is currently listed as being under contract according to this link: Legends Dr, Lebanon, TN 37090 - I40 - Cumberland Center | LoopNet

There's a lot of other things being said about the corporation, etc, but nothing that anyone has provided any source on.


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Why’s that?
If you’ve noticed, all current Floorless and standup conversions all feature the old OTSRs. However, banshee at KI, when compared to the inverts with the old OTSRs, actually has a wider track gauge than the original inverts. Same goes for Decepticoaster (hulk clone with some modifications, notably profiling and trains).
My point is, in order for a Floorless to receive vests, they would need to make a wider track gauge to support the vest restraints, with 4 across seating.
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