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Apr 9, 2011
Quote from Screamscape
2012 - Windseeker - Rumor - (8/5/11) The rumor for the past few weeks was that Cedar Fair has purchased two or three more Windseeker rides for the parks in 2012. I already highlighted Kings Dominion as one of the most likely homes, but it seems that Worlds of Fun is also very high on the list to get one.

I'm also thinking about a Windseeker at Worlds of Fun. It is most likely, since they prolly won't get another coaster until maybe 2013.

However.... I was riding Prowler a couple nights ago with one of my friends, and on the turnaround near the very back parking lot, there was something that looked like B&M track. It might of not been track though, considering it was almost dark and you fly around that turn. But it still looked like track..

What are you thinking?
Ride it in the daytime again and see if you see it again. I personally take whatever Lance says with a grain of salt until he starts posting very credible links or he hears it from the park itself.
B-Mac said:
Ride it in the daytime again and see if you see it again. I personally take whatever Lance says with a grain of salt until he starts posting very credible links or he hears it from the park itself.

I'm still not too sure about it. It was dark and you fly around that turn.. I can say that there definitely was something back there.

Most likely nothing is coming next year. Besides those new paths, nope, nothing new and exciting. I can see a launched coaster or an Intamin coming in soon though, maybe 2013? Gah, who knows.
If you haven't heard yet, WindSeeker at Knotts Berry Farm is being taken down and will be relocated to Worlds of Fun. The tower is said to begin removal in January. Anyways here's an article that I found over at said:
Many guests around the Kansas City area have been cautious with the new ride announcement at Worlds of Fun regarding the safety of the ride. According to an article by the Kansas City Business Journal, Steelhawk, the new “Windseeker” type ride is being reported safe by Cedar Fair Entertainment. Earlier this month, Worlds of Fun announced that they would be receiving the 300+ foot tower from from Knott's Berry Farm. The giant swing ride has been riddled with a horrid past for some who remember the malfunctions and erroneous sensors.

According to the article, the park believes that the ride is safer now and the stoppages in the ride are there because of sensors that go off when a cycle is just not functioning correctly. Stacy Frole, spokeswoman for Cedar Fair said, “the ride has a ‘really robust safety system’ with sensors that tell the ride's operators when it appears to deviate from its appropriate cycle.
"In all circumstances the safety systems functioned as they were designed to, the standard safety procedures were followed, and all passengers were safely brought to the ground," Frole said. After all of these stoppages, Cedar Fair began working with the manufacturer, Dutch company Mondial, in coming up with an evacuation system for the swing rides that they built. The new system is a separate piece that can go up the tower to where the stranded guests are and bring them down in cages. The system has been installed on all six of the rides that Cedar fair operates.

Worlds of Fun is getting the ride because the state of California does not approve of single rail ladders for maintenance workers. There is no word when the idle ride will be moved to Worlds of Fun or who will put the ride together once there. The ride is expected to be ready for the 2014 operating season.

That last article is what gets me. The ride is safe, but not safe for the maintenance workers. I don't know exactly what it means, but couldn't they just replace the ladder system fairly easy?



The former Knotts Berry Farm attraction WindSeeker has been repainted and installed at World's of Fun now known as Steelhawk.
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