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Jul 22, 2010
Upon looking at available times for the coaster insiders tour I noticed there is one for the steam engine. I have always been a big train guy and been able to see the disney ones up close and person since my family has ties inside of there. Has anyone on here participated in the BGW Steam Insider? If so, what is your review and remarks on the feature?
I always hop on it a couple of different times for a few laps each time I'm there. I might do this pre-coaster
Keep in mind the Steam Engine Insider/Participant tours are before the park opens on select days. You would meet at the entrance gates at 8:30am, be taken to Caribou Station where your tour starts. If you chose to be a 'Participant', you'll be given a time to come back to C.S. and be given the chance to be the Fireman's position as well as observe the Engineer's position. Of course with all of that you get the usual tour staples like photo CD, preferred parking and, of course, entry into the park before it's open to the general public. :)

It's a pretty cool tour. If you're into trains and/or the steam engine variety, this is very informative and the guys giving the tour are very knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you can come up with. Wioth the Fall season coming now, this tour is only available on Saturday mornings, so keep that in mind if/when you go to make your plans. :)
Thanks for the intel. I am a plat pass holder and, well you know the other thing love doc. I have always been into trains, and actually offered a position in an apprentice role with paid schooling at CSX. ( I have a huge space, plane, nuclear, and train engineering knowledge base. I'll see someone with a shirt in relation to one of those and out come the offers with the convo's i start.) I might have to look into this for saturday then. It is only a 35-40 minutes drive with decent traffic.
i loved my rail tour it was the best and only tour i did this year. i would recomend this to any train fan. i loved the hands on section where you got to help drive the train. most people can say they got to help run one of the bgw trains.
Im also a big train fan and have been wanting to do this tour all year and things never seem to work out right
PushTheButton said:
Im also a big train fan and have been wanting to do this tour all year and things never seem to work out right

Don't worry it took me some time to arrange mine to( money, time, etc.) but just next time you plan to go book it online and there you go, also its better if your a pass-member saves you a lot of money.
took the RailRoad tour last summer(2010) great tour and they answered all my question with no problem and learned a few new things about these narrow gauge trains. recommend it to other who are into trains.


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The Blue Train..or the balmoral castle which is based on a real train that carried the royal family to the balmoral castle.
they did the "walk around" with the green train. the set up on the 3 trains are about the same you just feel like you sitting higher on the green compaired to the blue.


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cschartz1 said:
the set up on the 3 trains are about the same you just feel like you sitting higher on the green compaired to the blue.

That's all in how the wheels are. Green's wheels are so much smaller than the others. The body of the train as to sit higher to scale with with the coaches.
They say the Green Train is the Weakest of all of them, and that the Red Train is the stringest which is the one i drove.
You get to drive a train on this tour?!?!?!?!?! I night have to do this tour
You get to do the fireman seat on the train and watch the engineer from behind him. Note you must be 16 to do this part of the tour.
Balak95 said:
I did it when I was 14...Did they raise it this year?

If you got to get up on the engine while it was moving and sit in the fireman seat at age 14 you are lucky..OSHA Regulations & Compliance will not allow anyone under the age of 16 to be in that position. as for how long that rule has been in effect when we went to do it 2 years ago that was the first question i was asked. As far as I know if you are under 16 you can do the RR tour as an Observer only.
Even the Roller Coaster Insider (Participant) has a age min of 14 according to BG's website
I just learned from my neighbor(she works up front selling tickets)that BGW will not be doing the RailRoad Tour this year. She was not sure why they where not but iam going to write in to try to find out..
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