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Feb 9, 2013
There's no way Scott is letting this absolutely scottacular, and sparkly event fall to budget issues, and save the park money they so desperately need. Soooooo....

What will be the same? What will be removed?
Memories from 2014...
James clearly missed the minutes from the last BGW executive board meeting:

Carl: So, what shall we do this summer to make more money?

Scott: I don't know... it's got to be something that sparkles!

Carl: Any ideas, anyone?

Random Exec: What if we leave the park the way it is and let our guests enjoy its natural beauty?

. . .

* The room is suddenly filled with a long silence as Carl and Scott slowly turn and stare in disbelief at the newbie *

. . .

Random Exec: What?

Scott: Get out. Now.

* Carl and Scott seize our random exec friend and shove him out of the room, warning him to never show his face at the park again and demanding him to apologize for his demonic ideas *

. . .

Scott: What if we just theme another one of our beautifully designed European villages to commercial America? I'm sure there are some Howl-O-Scream props we could use.

Carl: That's brilliant!
Matthew said:
James, just go to The Victory Canteen[sup]TM[/sup], and then you'll enjoy the event no problem.

Come back to me when the park gets a liquor license.
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Zimmy said:
 They should extend the event into Germany!
Nein! I avoided "San 'Merica" like the plague all Summer. If it so much as touches my Schönes Land(beautiful country) I would have to avoid the park all together.

Seriously though, I love America and all, but they only did this event to say they did something. It wasn't even half baked. It doesn't fit in the park.

I want them to save up money for Howl-O-Scream. We cannot afford another bad Howl-O-Scream season. Even if they just take the houses verbatim from BGT, that would make me seriously happy. At this point, SeaWorld San Antonio makes BGW look bad.
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