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Oct 24, 2009
New Orleans, LA
So, I guess this is the new Illuminights...

We’re celebrating America with a bang during an all-new summer spectacular, “Star Spangled Nights” July 3 through Aug. 10. This celebration will inspire guests through breathtaking fireworks orchestrated to original music and an unforgettable patriotic atmosphere. Hop aboard the Rhine River fireworks cruise, have a cold beverage at our Americana-inspired bar and get an up-close experience with our majestic national birds. A special extended fireworks event will be presented July 3 – 5 to celebrate the Fourth of July. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind spectacular that can only be found this summer at Busch Gardens.
That actually sounds really nice! As long as they don't pull out the Illuminights critters, we might have a classy summer event in the works.
They have yet to put it on their official website. But on to the speculation . . . do we know what will come with this other than fireworks? I believe Griffon mentioned something about the event being confined to Italy.
...get an up-close experience with our majestic national birds.

Hmm... so long as these are real birds, and not oversized disco animals, this is really interesting. I am curious as to how a special animal encounter will be executed. This should be really cool.

B.mac raises a good point, this actually sounds like a strong concept. It doesn't seem to be anything enormous, but it is a tribute to American heroes, much like what was done in the AB days. It is worth noting that Illuminight's original concept was also a strong-sounding one, so we will have to wait and see. However, if this task is taken seriously by the park and done in a respectful and quality manner, this has the potential to be a moving a successful event.
As long as the park doesn't get the London Rocks brand of treatment or giant animals, I have some hope for this event.

Fireworks I can live with. The name isn't the best however, I liked that "99 Nights of Summer Fun" or whatever they had on that flag/advertisement better.
I'm actually cool with it. The park doesn't need a summer event; it's summer. People are going to go to the park just because it's summer. The off season I understand the need for something extra to entice people to come again. Also, I love fireworks. That's all they really need to be doing for a summertime night, in my opinion.
It's not even on the website, they haven't really advertised it until now. They have to advertise it like it's an event or else no one would come to see it.

Truthfully, as long as no tacky theming reaches the park hamlets I'm pretty content with this happening. I mean, I like fireworks at night and all, but the tacky theming throughout the day kind of ruined it for me last year.
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Honestly Connor, I think the event's limited size is for the better. Part of Illuminight's issue was that it was so large it took over the park. I think a small, contained event like this will actually be really nice, something that has been needed for a while now. My hope is that there will be small, subtle patriotic overlays that flow with (not clash against) the hamlet themes. Hopefully decor is minimal enough so as not to be overwhelming, but there is just enough to make it clear that some sort of event is going on. Small experiences (animal encounters, decked-out San Marco bridge, the new bar) are really all that's needed to compliment the park experience. I think this will keep happy both the people who think the park by itself is "boring" and the people who just want the park to be normal during the summer. Hopefully it will be done in a moving and tasteful way like AB's Here's to the Heroes events.

Also, if I may, where are you seeing advertisements? Literally the only thing I've seen is the "99 Nights of Summer Fun" banners at the park.

It may come as a shocker to many, but I'm actually looking forward to this. If done well, this could be exactly what the park has needed for the summer season.
An event is an event, regardless of size every event should be advertised to it's maximum potential.

The "99 Days of Summer Fun" is just the marketing campaign for the summer. Just like for spring their marketing campaign was, "Spring into Fun". I expect to see something during the fall similar to, "Fall into Fun". Yes, it is days not nights. Because they are counting the days between Memorial Day and labor Day or something like that.

Also do note we have no idea of how big this event is just yet. Griffon did say it may be limited to Italy; however, things change constantly and it could end up covering the whole park. The park has only given us the following:
  • An event name
  • Fireworks
  • Special Cruise
  • American-themed bar
  • An animal experience
They could be holding off telling us everything. Why? Maybe they don't have everything planned out, maybe things can still change?

I just think it is way too early to be judging how large this event might be.
Since Griffon mentioned the event is mainly taking place in San Marco, I wonder if this bar will go in the same place as the Pirate Barrrgh for Howl-O-Scream.


Oh, the horror! ;)

Edit: Coincidentally, this is my 1,666th post. Hehehe.
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I went on that a few weeks ago! Wasn't happy when we stopped at the top. Couldn't look over the side at all.

But that isn't really what I meant.
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