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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Ok, so you're in line for a roller coaster and you're waiting for thirty minutes, stepping forward every five minutes. What are you doing?

Back of the line - squinting in the sun, looking ahead to estimate how long a wait you have ahead of you

Ten minutes - looking for a place to lean up against and trying not to bump hands with a stranger on the other side of a shared railing

Fifteen minutes - on your toes trying to see the front of the line

Twenty minutes - playing the "I'd do you, you, and you" game in your head, reading signs/viewing theme decor

Twenty five minutes - Oh my god I'm almost there! Lol, look at that kid, he's crying his eyes out! Man, the front is so worth the wait. Wow, is My Chemical Romance still cool, that's the fourth hoodie I've seen... Why are they even wearing hoodies, it's a billion degrees out today.

Thirty minutes - Aw, the kid liked it after all. Ok, so let's see, if those two are together then that's three out of the line on this train. That means two more trains and then I go, unless these other two are a couple and then all four can go next and I'll be on the next train.

But this is of course assuming you're alone which I usually am not. But between conversations, this is my routine. K, now you.
i do ten minutes,twenty minutes ( im am man and all), and i look at the mechanical stuff of the ride.
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