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chickenking said:
Squire's Grille artwork...

These pictures are awesome! Too bad they are right next to Coke signs & have souvenir cup straps dangling from them.
Love 'em!
Wish these weren't partially obscured by condiments.
This one deserves a closer look. I realize this is some kind of warrior/healer with the Rod of Asclepius or something, but look at the poor lion he is standing on top of. The beast is freakin' SMILING!! WTF is going on here?!? Every time I see this artwork it disturbs me a bit. Is he wiping his feet? Does the lion enjoy pain? I dunno... :shocked:

A Busch Gardens question I actually know the answer to...

These pictures are depictions of medieval monumental brasses. These artworks are found throughout England, mostly in chapels, churches and cathedrals, decorating the tombs of nobility. Brasses are the source of much of our knowledge of the evolution of medieval arms and armor.
Zachary said:
Hoopla said:
Surprisingly I have never eaten here. Strange.

Unless you're there early enough for breakfast, you're not missing much.

I think the ONLY exception is maybe the Fish & Chips. "They are bangin!!" as the youth of today would say. I would only eat here if I just happened to be in England, leaving early or something, and decided I wanted to eat at BG as opposed to going somewhere else when I exit. The breakfast isn't bad; nor is it special. But it is fairly cheap for theme park food and the amount you get is pretty substantial. Breakfast ends at 11:00 AM if I remember correctly. Give it a try sometime. :cool:

Noticed a piece of artwork that I missed on the opposite side of the room. Pretty cool!! :cool:
Talking to a cast member this morning at Squire's Grille and they told me they are stopping breakfast at the end of March saying the guest do not appreciate it!!
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I eat at the park around once a year because I just get something outside of the park so it's not the end of the world for me. I would really want to see a breakfast in France with French waiters.
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Seriously, advertising breakfast? Honestly, if you do not take the 5 minutes to see that their full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu is posted outside along the main pathway the entire day and not know there is breakfast is ridiculous.

With that said, I think mornings are just slow. I wish they didn't take it away because it gives people something to do while waiting for the rest of the park to open.
I never noticed in over 30 years that they serve breakfast. On the other hand, I didn't care and wasn't looking for it either.

I'm not sure I've ever read a sign outside the park.
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