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Jul 10, 2014
Squiddly Diddly was a small kid's ride located in The Happy Land of Hanna Barbera from 1975-1989. The ride consisted of little barrel-themed tubs that travelled along a gently undulating track around a central axis. The ride was named after Squiddly Diddly, who was one of the lesser-known Hanna Barbera characters. Squiddly-Diddly the character was a captive performing octopus at a park called "Bubbleland". Like the fictional Bubbleland, Kings Dominion also had an aquatic show during that time, though the Kings Dominion show didn't feature an octopus.

I've circled the location of the ride on the 1982 Souvenir Map:


I haven't found many good pictures of Squiddly Diddly the ride, though a few have turned up on the web. I don't remember the ride looking as run-down as it does in the following photographs, but perhaps I've rose-tinted my childhood to keep me safe from Kings Dominion's trouble and pain. If anyone has any better pics of the attraction, feel free to post them!



^ Faces pixellated to protect the innocent. Pictures stolen from the web.

Finally, here's one of my family pictures showing Squiddly Diddly acting as the height requirement checker at the entrance to his own ride. Obviously, this is the photograph that currently serves as my avatar here at ParkFans.


As you can tell, I have fond memories of both the ride and the character of Squiddly Diddly. I remember when I was about 5 years old the ride operator tried to convince me that this ride was a "roller coaster". I may have believed him...
^ I believe that Sqiddly Diddly was located about where Peanuts Road Rally is currently located. Here's my best guess:

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