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Irishman said:

Harley Boone
An authentic country cover band and a down-home good time.  They're going to start the day off right in Das Festhaus.

Voltage Brothers
Performing top hits in our Ireland Village from every genre including R&B, beach music, disco, funk, hip hop, pop, and even classic rock hits.

Killarney Village Band
What’s an Ireland celebration without an Irish band? They’ll be performing at 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30 in our Ireland Village too.

DJ throughout the day
When the bands aren't playing, the DJ has you covered. He'll be playing top hits in the Ireland Village.

I appreciate them trying to mix up a sneak peek day but what is wrong with the music of the area the hamlet represents? German music to me would be just as good if not better in the festhaus instead of a country western band. not that i mind country western but...,
Voltage brothers again why cant we stay with things like the Killarney village band? In the IRELAND Village hamlet? Its seems out of place and caterwampus to put "R&B, beach music, disco, funk, hip hop, pop, and even classic rock hits. " when you could have something authentic and nice.
Again not trying to be negative but i feel like id be more impressed with things authentic to the hamlet.
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For clarity, this will be the last pass member day that non-Members will be invited to attend, according to current information.

We were told explicitly that people with old passes will not have admission the events for HOS or CT.  I believe the reason is that the park plans to market the new Membership Program to old pass members at the Sneak Peek.

You can find that and other details in our article.
So happy they went with Nessie’s 40th over BFE for the Souvenier cup. Just shows how much the park loves Nessie, and how they’ll represent it before anything else during its big anniversaries. I’ll have at least 6 of them for my first visit as they come with the meal plans. I ended up getting 37 InvadR Souvenier Cups. Hopefully I can set a new record this year.
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This will be my first year actually making it to Preview Day. Do they have the regular shows going? Or just the special concerts?
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BuschBaby said:
luseendesi said:
Got the email yesterday as well. It mentions in the main body of the email before you click to see event details "eat, drink and be irish - plus, get a FREE token of appreciation". Anyone have any idea what they're talking about?

Oh thanks! I must have just skimmed right by that. I often don't read all the sentences in the emails lol.
Are these just regular busch emails because I think i've been missing out.
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Oh wait...I guess we should go the other direction...Get pass member shirt at either Emporium or Emerald Isle Gifts...get any freebees they have...then Lochness, Apollos, Tempestos, Verboltens, Alpie, InvadRs, Griffons, Then lunch at O' Tators..and then keep doing that until close.
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Does anyone know if there is going to be an announcements meeting at the pass member day? The past few times that we've attended there has always been a gathering for the Park to go over announcements for upcoming events, attractions, etc. Checked all the emails and didn't see anything about a time and place to meet. Thanks for any info!
The park has not announced one thus far. It will be the first time in several years that you haven't done this. Perhaps they are trying to differentiate Sneak Peak from Passmember Preview? I don't know. But it sounds like they aren't doing that this year.
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