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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
With Halloween Haunt winding down for the season, it's time to look forward to the park's next special event: the Spring Bloom Festival!

In March last year, the park hinted on social media that the event would return for future seasons, saying:
Kings Dominion said:
We will "grow" into this event as it evolves, but this year we will focus on spring theming and flowers along International Street with some food and entertainment tied into it.

Not only does this suggest that the Festival will return for the 2015 season, but it leads us to believe that the event will expand as it matures over the years. Last year, the event mostly took place on International Street with spring-themed garden displays, spring-y decorations, special performances on a temporary stage by Cinnabon, and a few special dining experiences. What will it do differently this year?

As further confirmation of the event's revival, I spoke with Chef Paul during the Haunt VIP Meal and asked him about the Spring Bloom Festival next year. He wasn't willing to share exactly what his plans are, but he said he would definitely be doing something exciting with the event. So, not only does this semi-confirm that the event will return, but it also means it will have a big culinary focus next year! And with Chef Paul in charge, we're probably in for some yummy experiences.

So, what do you think we'll see at the Spring Bloom Festival 2015? What do you want to see?

Personally, I'd love to see the event spread into Old Virginia. It's a small enough area that it could easily have a thoroughly festive makeover, and its theme, layout, and attractions pose easy and big opportunities for Spring Bloom-related festivities. Last year the Country Kitchen served a few special dishes for the Festival, maybe we'll see a continuation of that? Some country-themed flower displays? I feel like the Festival is a natural fit for Old Virginia.

So, what are your thoughts on the Spring Bloom Festival 2015? Let the speculation begin!
RE: Spring Bloom Festival 2015

I think the re-appearance of Bistro75 during this event would do well for the festival. A more permanent version of the Bistro set up on the 50' platform of the Eiffel tower would be sweet! Provided they dress it up a bit with some paint and TLC. Last time I spoke with a marketing manager, there was mention of this idea, but the conditions of the tower on the 50' platform were not up to par. A fresh coat of paint with the white Bistro tables set up, along with planters and hanging assortments would really give the Bistro AND the festival a very unique setting.
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