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Apr 12, 2010
We go to BGW as a family every year. Last year we bought 2-year passes for the first time. Ironically, we aren't able to go this year due to health problems (last time we buy 2-year passes!). Our kids are obviously upset (so are we).

A few years back, we couldn't we requested that the park send us a few maps which the kids hung on their bedroom walls. Something tangible they could hold and look at to help them feel like they experienced something involving the park. They hung one map with the map facing out on their walls, and another next to it with the daily schedule facing out. It was nice for them to see what happened on that day at the park.

They accomodated us again this year: however, the back of the map was blank! When I sent them an email asking about it, this was their response:

"We are not allowed to mail maps with date specific information on them. All maps we mail out are blank on the back like the ones you received."

LOL. Not sure what to think of that...but we were hoping for the schedules to be on them, too!

This leaves us with paying someone to get us 4 BGW in-park maps (in great condition, obviously). I'll offer $15 to anyone willing to do so using Ebay (you can check my Ebay feedback under the username 'Flamanar''s 100% positive). I figure $10 for the maps/postage plus $5 to cover the Ebay fees for a private auction is fair. I'll be inspecting the feedback of anyone who takes me up on the offer as well.

Please, can anyone help me out with this??? It would be very much appreciated.

PM me your address. I'll send you some maps in the next week or so. I'll send you maps at Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town too. Don't worry about ebay or whatever. I can mail them for free at my office.
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Shafor said:
PM me your address. I'll send you some maps in the next week or so. I'll send you maps at Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town too. Don't worry about ebay or whatever. I can mail them for free at my office.

That's incredibly kind of you, Shafor. PM sent. I owe ya one!

It's no problem Bob. We live 4 miles from the park and are there about 3-4 days a week. I'll pick some maps up for you guys next week when we get back there after the storm and send them to you the next time I get to my office in Hampton. Just give me about a week or so. Then, when HOS and CT come up, I'll pick a bunch up and send them along as well.

Hopefully you guys can make it down next season ;)

(BTW, I got your PM, but it wouldn't let me reply for some reason??)
Thanks again, Shafor! I really appreciate it! I think we'll be in better shape next year, God willing :) Gotta love living that close to the park, no? Wow! I hate the trip down and back from here. Seems like forever :/

Take care and thanks again :)

I tried to PM you on this, but it's telling me that you have PM's disabled?? Anyway...

I didn't forget you. I have a stack of regular season maps. I was going to grab some HOS maps to send with them. I even told my wife to remind me to get them for you. But the 3 times we've been so far, it was pouring when we left, so it was kind of a "race to the car" in the rain type of thing when we left, and I just forgot. I'll definitely take care of it this weekend and mail them off by next week.

Sorry for the delay.
Not a problem at all! I just wanted to double check. Honestly, our mail delivery here is beyond awful. The postmaster doesn't even speak hardly any English. LOL. Yeah, it's that bad :/ At least I know they weren't eaten by the mail gremlins!

Take your time, and definitely try to stay dry. Last year we had some of the worst soakings there that I can remember. After the Griffin accident, the storm was so bad with all the rain/thunder/lightning...but we had to walk all the way back to the front of the park because they announced it was closing due to the bad weather. Ironically as we were walking back, we had someone in the Larikeet (sp?) section yell out to us (as they closed it up) that we need to take shelter because a severe storm warning was in effect... Talk about a scary/wet walk... I will say the people in the now-defunct pearl shop gave all 6 of us ponchos to wear for the walk back. Incredibly kind on their part.

Thanks again. We really appreciate it :)

ETA: going to check my PM settings right away. Can't remember how I have it set up, but it's apparently set up wrong, so I'll fix it a.s.a.p.! Thanks for letting me know!

UPDATE: PM setting fixed. How embarrassing :ashamed:

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