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Apr 9, 2013
Imagine if they built a whole new country based on Spain!! Oh man the food! The ride themes they could use! Why Spain isn't represented at BGW is beyond me. Maybe (and this might give some people pause) they could repurpose New France (like they did w/Medieval England) and put Spain in that spot. Again...the food would be amazing.

Discuss amongst yourselves....VAMANOS AMIGOS!
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RE: SPAIN, anyone?

Welcome to the forums!

Spain is pretty much the go-to leading candidate for a new hamlet around here (I'd put Greece at second, one of the Nordic countries in third and Russia in a distant fourth).

I want a wooden roller coaster built, and themed with something like bull-fighting or the running of the bulls.
RE: SPAIN, anyone?

I've always felt that Spain wouldn't have completely fit the "Old Country" theme just seems too developed and busy to have that same kind of charm as other areas (particularly Ireland, which is ironically a relatively new country ;) )

But based on the roller coaster themed to sports cars*, the girl's fashion shop and jet-themed motion simulator in a "mystical" Irish village, the random sundial at Pompeii, the Sesame Street characters invading England and Castle O' Sullivan, a...well, "different"... fairytale show in a German beer hall, and how much longer the list goes would appear that "Old Country" ship may have sailed far enough that Spain could fit.

Although I'm sure they, being Busch Gardends, could figure out away to beautifully space out a clean, charming bad they probably won't--it would be a nice area.

*May the record show that I am a huge fan of Verbolten and love its attention to detail, theming, and whatnot, and do find that it fits the theme fine ;)
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RE: SPAIN, anyone?

I've always felt that Spain wouldn't have completely fit the "Old Country" theme well

What Old Country theme?

BGW Memories rocks!

it just seems too developed and busy to have that same kind of charm as other areas
I think Imperial Spain would be a pretty neat theme for the new hamlet. That time period is far from modern and busy at least compared to, say gas-powered sports cars. :cool:

- Since when are gas-powered sports cars considered "Old Country" stuff again? ;)
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RE: SPAIN, anyone?

I think the fact that the park was once literally officially named "The Old Country" means it was intended to have an Old Country theme. If they goofed up their own theme by having an anachronistic attraction, it doesn't mean the Old Country was not the theme.

As far as Spain, I must confess I'm ignorant of what Spain has looked like, historically. I mean, I know they had the Inquisition, but that's about it.
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RE: SPAIN, anyone?

If someone could toss together a concept for a Spanish hamlet, I'd love to see it. I would but, like Doc, I know very little about Spain's history and mythology. Even just ride names and themes, example architecture pictures, etc would be rather fantastic.
RE: SPAIN, anyone?

No expert, but I'll take a stab. Please consider it a working document, make changes as you wish/as needed.
Spain has some interesting architecture since, while like a lot of Europe there was a Roman period. However, during the middle ages it was quite different as the Moops invaded in 711. A great example of this is the Alhambra which was built in the 9th century as a fort, but later converted into a palace. There are other periods that resemble a mix between the Moorish influence and Christian influence from the north , for example. Perhaps, a better fit for Busch Gardens is the Baroque period which spawned this and this during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Spanish Baroque is unique for its Churrigueresque exterior decorations which can be quite elaborate. Does it fit with the rest of Busch Gardens? I think it certainly could, but the stucco and Moorish styles just seem potentially a little too different for me (I'm not sure if Scandanavia would less so, or if its any more 'too different' than New France).

Cultures (Stories to center on)

Don Quixote, an important literary work, (poor summary follows) is about a rather average, foolish man who insists on reviving chivalry. From wikipedia: "It parodied classical morality and chivalry, found comedy in knighthood, and criticized social structures and the perceived madness of Spain's rigid society." Quite frankly, probably a bit too complex to base a ride on. Could probably be watered down into a show.

Pamplona Bull Run, need I say more.
Tomatina, a tomato fight (think water balloons, but tomatoes) in Bunol. Imagine the water balloon thing in Festa.
Las Fallas, a huge bonfire like event in Valencia. Could perhaps be adapted into a parade or a part of Illuminights, etc.
Carnival is of course also celebrated, though it might be a tough sell since I think most associate carnival with Brazil.
Tamboradda, a large drum festival. I don't know much of anything
Bull Fighting is traditional, but less popular these days

The bull run, fighting, and tomatina would be the most recognizable here.

-Tapas, small plates often shared in American renditions. Point is to be able to try different things at different places.

(Out of time for now)
RE: SPAIN, anyone?

Hats off to you my good friend. Enjoy your rep.

There definitely seems to be a fair amount to work with there- certainly more than in San Marco.
RE: SPAIN, anyone?

JMan, outstanding reference to Seinfeld w/the "Moops" :) And may I say a VERY good writeup about Spain. It would fit in perfectly at BG! :)
RE: SPAIN, anyone?

A Spain section would be far more interesting than a Greek one!
RE: SPAIN, anyone?

Don't forget there's Spain and then there's Catalonia. It's where Barcelona is and IMO is the best part of Spain. You could have a main section of Spain and then one of those sub-hamlets of Barcelona with street performers and a water ride.
RE: SPAIN, anyone?

I say take New France, change it over to Spain, and have the walkway in between that & France renamed "Andorra" :) At least it'll be accurate! lol
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RE: SPAIN, anyone?

Everyone has had wonderful ideas and I really think that the folks who are in control of the future of the park are so lucky to have all the possibilities that "Europe" in general has to offer.

For example.. I had suggested two dueling wooden coasters between England and Ireland. One called "The Ripper" the other "Banshee" and they are located in the ravine around England, Ireland, under the bridge and over to New France. One area of the coaster would even fly over Ireland's walkway- "Like a banshee."

I would say, keep your ideas flowing. The more people love the idea of expansion, the more I hope it gets moved to the front of the park's plans for the future.
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