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The update to the ride’s final scenes (which conclude with a tiny scene about the invention of the personal computer) will be a welcome change, and I’m glad the earlier scenes are simply being enhanced rather than removed. Many of them- like the Sistine Chapel scene- are truly awe-inspiring. I will miss Dame Judi Dench’a narration, though.

I consider Spaceship Earth to be the most spectacular dark ride ever constructed, as well as the closest any amusement ride has ever come to being an actual work of art, so I hope Disney gives it the job it deserves.
When the Walt statue was revealed I swear there was a tear in my eye. Plus Spaceship Earth getting another revamp is really nice and needed along with all of EPCOT for that matter.
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I agree. I really enjoy spaceship earth but it's evening is sorely outdated. We live in an age where we carry a phone in our pockets that are more powerful than the computers that they are talking about in that ride.
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I hadn't ridden SE for a looooooooong time when I finally got back to Epcot a couple of years ago. I was kind of shocked by how outdated it seemed. In fact, I was kind of shocked by how much the entire front half of Epcot resembled the version I documented with a shoulder-held VHS camcorder in 1987.

Obvious changes abound, of course, like Test Track and Mission Space etc. -- but so much of that central plaza with its various arms and pavilions was so familiar, and so clearly of its (now-past) time. It was trippy and cool that way, a bit of a time capsule. Yet tired. So tired.

SE in its current form has to have the biggest dichotomy in the theme park world between how unbelievably cool and timeless it looks on the outside, vs. what you find on the inside. The entire experience is bizarre, including the ride system that gets itself essentially stranded atop the inside of the mega-sphere and then has to return you to the ground by spinning you around backward and tipping you halfway onto your back in the dark. It's about as natural an experience as the big lift hill concluding a ride on Ninja at SFMM.
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