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Uh-oh. Was this kid's seatbelt not secured properly (fitting snugly against their body) allowing them to slip out or did they let somebody on who was too short? Apparently the seatbelts are designed to only be released by the operator.
I would ride this if they let me. Looks fun.

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Hopefully the kid wasn't hurt too bad, but looking at that video, if they got out while it was running that could have been pretty bad.
I've dealt with undoing their seatbelts all the time. People will use their shoelaces, fingers, glasses, or anything on them that fits in the hole to get themselves out.
Well if the kid used whatever thing that fits in the hole to undo his safety belt, assuming that happened, that’s a problem. While it is somewhat helpful for parents to do that for their kids when getting off instead of the operator needing to do every single one, I think situations like this demonstrate why that’s really the operator’s duty because they’re the ones who are trained on the ride.
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