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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia

Addition of Major Slide Complex Brings a Wilder, Wetter Wildwater Kingdom Experience to Guests in its 30th Season

The six new slides offer a variety of opportunities for Guests to test their limits as they look to cool off from the summer heat. At the peak of the 65-foot-tall structure, guests will step into the chambers of Python Plummet that will send them into a free-fall drop as long as 450-feet. In addition to this intense experience, Guests can also choose between the three different tube slides of Boa Blasters and the Constrictor.

I'm gonna be a water rat again for 2014, just to have two air time slides in the same water park :D
The slide opened today to Season Pass holders only. I was asked if I wanted to check it out but I forgot my swim trunks. The tube slides have air time, more than Steel Force, judging by how scared people were getting out of the splash pool.
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