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Sep 21, 2011
London, UK
I just had to come and share these photos with some people who may not yet have seen them... Because, well... Just look!




- It's a Gerstlauer (ew)
- 16 people per train, 4x4 seating.
- It has two lift hills - one standard, one vertical.
- It appears that it will duel with itself.
- We still don't know everything about it, the layout on the planning application only had 8 inversions. It wasn't until construction started people noticed it had more.
- There's rumours of a secret element.
- It has at least 14 inversions, taking the world record.
- It's the most compact roller coaster in the world. It has the most track per square metre of footprint.
- It's 3,838.6 ft long.
- It's chillin' next to Oblivion and seems to be thematically similar (psychological).
- It's costing £18 Million ($27 Million)

Think that's about all you need to know. I'm upset that it's a Gerstlauer, but if it has lapbars, it could actually be really good.......... I'm just worried it's going to be a horrible love child of Saw and Colossus.
Wow it looks amazing, I have heard a little about this ride, but this is the first I have seen of it.

What's wrong with Gerstlauer? I've only heard great things about their Eurofighters, never ridden one myself.
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Probably only heard great things because the one most people have ridden in the US is Mystery Mine, which has enough going on to distract from the discomfort.

With Saw now close by, I get to ride one often, and I now pass on opportunities to ride it even on the rare occasion there is no queue. The shuddering is the kind which rattles your brain and the transitions don't work well with the restraints. Mystery Mine's outdoor section is pretty bad, but it doesn't take it anywhere near the speed of Saw's nasty transitions. And Mystery Mine has a great finali, leaving people happy.

I rather like Speed at Oakwood, the tallest one, but it's still not comfortable.

EDIT: Oh also, that one at SFOG has lapbars... Bet that makes a difference!
I've ridden Mystery Mine at Dollywood and it was pretty fine. I did notice a bit of roughness on the outdoor section. Also on the vertical turns I notice rapid change of direction since it's so small. But I didn't find any type of discomfort other than the vertical lifts which was a cool feeling type of discomfort. I'm just not used to going straight up for that long period of time. And the second outdoor section (fun part) was nice and smooth and was fun. I did not have any type of head banging or anything along that matter.
HAJiME said:
EDIT: Oh also, that one at SFOG has lapbars... Bet that makes a difference!

It also has the Anubis 2 seat per row style trains, which from what I hear run on Gerstlauer's track tons better than the 4 seat by 2 row trains. I've heard this one is good. I was supposed to go ride it this Spring, but had to cancel the Texas Coaster Tour I was planning this year.
It's been rumoured to have 15 for a good few weeks now, but there's no confirmation yet. I suspect it will, 14 is weird number...

I forget Iron Shark exists! But that also has lap bars, which probably says a lot! We're hoping Smiler will have lapbars. :)
The Smiler is closed again after cracks were found at the base of a support!
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