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Sep 23, 2009
RE: [Maze] Slaughter House (2010 - Current)

Halloween attractions, by their very nature, have to be cycled in and out if a park wishes to pull in annual visitors.

Humans can and will become desensitized to practically anything. After someone goes through a house once or twice a year for three or four years, that house naturally begins to loose some of its luster.

Even if the house is performing at its best, the environment's ability to immerse repeat visitors is hampered by the fact that those guests know where they're going, what is coming, and that the exit is right up ahead. Sure there may be some actors between here and a repeat visitor's escape, but their mind's ability to feel uncomfortable and lost in its current setting is largely nullified by the fact that they've been here five times before in the last three years and they know that the chainsaw-pig-butcher-man likes to hide at the end of the exit hallway right past the next room.
Feb 9, 2013
RE: [Maze] Slaughter House (2010 - Current)

Last year was my first time going through the house, and besides seeing maybe 3 actors total (chainsaw guy went on break before I was able to turn the corner to his hallway), it was all very predictable. I felt bored of it already and it was only my first time.


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
RE: [Maze] Slaughter House (2010 - Current)

I think we all have nostalgia for specific mazes and regret when they are replaced. But a haunt attraction, more than a thrill ride, has a fairly short shelf life, in my opinion.

In addition to everything Zachary said about the psychology of the houses, I would add that when the parks create new mazes, they have the opportunity to experiment with different approaches and technologies. I miss some of the early houses from HOS, for example, but both Lumberhack and Cornered were completely different from anything else the park has done at the event in years. Introducing new stories, approaches, technologies, etc adds variety and keeps the haunts interesting.

I find myself losing interest, even at Halloween Horror Nights, when every maze I enter relies on the same types of scares. I personally don't think Slaughter House brings anything unique or fresh to the table. I'd much rather see KD introduce a completely new house with possibly a more modern or experimental structure and theme.

If that makes sense?
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