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This is how Six Flags is going to operate and eventually end up back in bankruptcy

They had to reduce season pass prices because they chased off so many customers last year so now they are massively reducing attractions in response

But people are not stupid. They aren’t even going to pay the current prices for the current state of parks with mass ride removals.

This park severely lacks attractions that non thrill riders can enjoy, and now they just completely obliterated one of the major ones that everyone to ride together. They obviously don’t want to increase their customer base and just want the 29 something crowd which (no offense to anyone just a fact) has a lower, disposable income

It’s a shame that Six Flags got their greasy hands on this wonderful sky ride. It was a four cable model and it was amazing.
I'm not normally one to defend Six Flags, but was this ride not very old, and made by a manufacturer that no longer exists? Finding replacement parts would be very difficult in anything needed replacement.
However, I do not believe that they still produce new Von Roll Skyrides—just the parts to maintain the existing ones.
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Right. New cable skyways are Doppelmayr brand.

I was hoping that the Disney World skyway would be the start of these rides coming back to parks. But that didn’t happen
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I’m happy to see this glorious ride still running. I saw it was operating on Theme Park Worldwide. But that day they were just running one side and the lines were long. Has it just been operating one side all season?

I still don’t trust Six Flags for the future of this ride. They just recently removed the cable skyway at Georgia and remove the one in New England a few years ago as well.
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