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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011
Skeleton Crew will be a new acrobatics show for Halloween Haunt 2014, which will apparently be performed on the new "Safari Stage" in Safari Village.

Kings Dominion said:
Get ready for a new high flying cirque style production! Our talented acrobats are joined by a team of skeletons in this high flying production. Join us as Halloween Haunt takes to the sky with Skeleton Crew!

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That's what I am wondering, Matthew. Keep in mind Blood Drums used to play on a temporary stage before the park eventually put in the permanent Grove Stage for both main season and Haunt offerings. Maybe they will save themselves the trouble here and will keep the stage for main season shows. I could totally see an African Drumming show happening. That would be amazing.

I think the better question is where the stage will be located. There are lots of places in Safari Village not used to their full potential. There is a huge space of dining tables behind Hungry Hippo that could easily be cleared to build a show. There is also space near the Kilimanjaro Chicken Shack that could be used (houses a temporary dunk tank during the summer). It could even go in the seating area by the Coca-Cola Oasis but I highly doubt that.

Questions, questions, questions!
That part of the Safari Village section has always been a "dead" area during Haunt (pun may or may not be intended). I am glad that the park is spreading the entertainment further out as the west side of Candy Apple Grove and Old Virginia hold the bulk of the Haunt attractions and entertainment.

This show was performed last year at Canada's Wonderland and Cedar Point. The shows are somewhat similar; though, they do differ in some parts of the production. It depends who they can find to perform during that time period and what their skills/talents are. There are a few YouTube videos out there to give you a taste of what the show is about.
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Nice work Joe!

I'm totally excited for this show. As Evan stated, the Cedar Point version looked like a pretty small show that was on a huge stage. Hopefully whatever stage they put in will be appropriately sized for this. Also, I'm hoping that they'll keep the tables in so that you can sit and watch the show. That would be nice.

Final note: Skeleton Crew + Blood Drums = Monster Stomp?!?!?!?!?!
I think I have found the entertainment production company that is casting and producing the Skeleton Crew Haunt show at Kings Dominion. It is a French Canadian company (from Quebec) called Les Productions Haut-Vol. They specialize in acrobatic/cirque type shows.

The company has produced the summer cirque style shows at Canada's Wonderland for the last several years and premiered a similar show at Kings Island this season. (Actually, they have been casting/producing Canada's Wonderland High Dive show since 2002).

They will be producing the Skeleton Crew Haunt shows at Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, Cedar Point, and Kings Dominion this fall.

I have seen a couple of YouTube videos of the Haunt Skeleton Crew shows from CP and CW. The largest cast is at Cedar Point (10-11 members) and they performed on the permanent Luminosity stage. The video from Canada's Wonderland looks like it was performed on at temporary stage and had a slightly smaller cast (7-8 members). Some acts were similar (trampoline) and other acts were different. I guess it depends on who they can cast and what their specialty act is.

Anyway, here is the link to the customer section of their web site. You can navigate around the rest of their site. It is in English.

Skeleton Crew
I was rather impressed by the show lineup at Haunt this year. Skeleton Crew did not disappoint. The stage was pretty large and the entire patio was set up so the tables faced the stage.

The show featured a girl spinning around in a giant ring, a fire-juggling act, an aerial silk act, and of course the show's signature act featuring Monster Stomp-style skeletons bouncing up and down the wall. The whole show was very fast-paced with lots of action. It was incredibly cool to say the least.

Here are some crappy pictures of the show.
Aerial silk act.

Fire juggling.

The skeleton crew!

A few clips of the show's signature act.
How big of a crowd was there? Since there really isn't that much Haunt activities to do in that corner of the park I fear it might not get huge numbers like Blood Dums. But seems to be a good a diction to the haunt show line-up.
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