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Governor Chris Christie is giving a press statement about what is going on right now. Stating that people should not be traveling to Seaside Heights for fear of impeding the influx of firefighters from throughout the state. Currently 7 counties have provided fire engines and ladders to this fire.
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Fire deemed to be caused by damaged wires from Hurricane Sandy.

Posting from my phone so I can't link to the story but there's a USAToday link in my recent tweets that you can find by clicking my signature.

I find it really hard to believe they call this fire accidental when it's been apart of the state's electrical code for decades to replace wires when they come in contact with water. You cannot splice the wire, you cannot just replace the service for it, you have to replace the entire circuit from end to end. I am 100% positive that all the electricians who worked at Seaside after the storm just replaced the circuit breakers and didnt't touch a single wire across that entire boardwalk unless it was severely damaged. I am utterly amazed that it took this long for something to happen, and will not be surprised if it happens again in the future. As an electrician I am completely insulted by the disregard of code done by Seaside Park and Seaside Heights, along with every single electrician who touched that boardwalk since Hurricane Sandy.
I am unsure about the overall condition of Typhoon, but the boardwalk foundation has collapsed under the ride. Depending how much damage its structure has taken from the fall it's between heavy rehab/overhaul and garbage.

I don't exactly know why Tower of Fear is still around but according to Majors S&S was looking into buying the ride back, rehabbing it, and selling it to another park (talks indicated Dollywood but nothing more). After this fire and likely with the amount of heat it was exposed to the ride will not be salvageable due to the damage to the steel.
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