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Lord Robert

"Not pet. Wingman."
Apr 18, 2014
Carpenter Bees are the best bees.

Wow Jonquil that was a great find. I'm so happy that the Singing Mushrooms have returned to us for new and old to enjoy in Kings Dominion, the park isn't the same without them, nor Candy Apple Grove for that matter.
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May 29, 2017
Evan said:
Wiki Page Coming Soon...

Here you can talk about the infamous Singing Mushrooms that will be located across from the Dodgems entrance. You can talk about your memories of them from back in the day or you can share your thoughts on their current, refurbished presence. 

P.S. If anyone thinks this belongs in a different section, please PM me. After a little thought between a few people, it was decided that this best fit under the "entertainment" category. Let me know privately if you think otherwise, thanks!

Does anyone know who built the original animatronics? I am wondering if Vern Preston did based on this article (behind paywall unfortunately)
of images
Creator's talking machines
are for others' enjoyment
By Christopher Dee
Register staff writer
BUENA PARK — Vern Preston has taken a little bit of computer
programming, script writing and engineering and made a barbershop
quartet of singing mushrooms.
He also has built a lifesize, talking replica of Abraham Lincoln......"


Grand Carnivale, Haunt, and WinterFest Aficionado
Jul 26, 2014
I wasn't sure where else to put this, but does anyone think that the Singing Mushrooms will get an update for 2019? Since the park showed that they can easily create new songs with WinterFest, I think it's time for the mushrooms to stop singing about Shockwave!

EDIT: Thank you to whoever moved this from the Project 2019 thread. A much better fit here.
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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011
Little known fact: this show was originally called “The Woodland Quartet.” They weren’t officially called The Singing Mushrooms by the park until they returned for the 40th anniversary celebration.


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Jun 16, 2013
Uh... The logo on her shirt (and the name tag?) are backwards... Was this all flipped in post for some reason? So confused...
looks like it was possibly shot with a phone in selfie mode. Some of them show mirror image if you don't use a filter to flip it to normal.
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