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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
The Boys of Summer Are Back! Join us July 19th and 20th for a weekend of fun dedicated to our favorite mushrooms!

The park has announced via their Facebook page that they will be hosting a weekend celebrating the return of the Singing Mushrooms. They seem to be gradually releasing more details about the small event.

Announced Events
- Social media contest wherein anyone can snap a selfie with the mushrooms and submit it using the hashtag #KDMushrooms. The photo with the most likes wins a Mushrooms prize pack which includes four park tickets; Link
- First 500 people to stop by the mushrooms will receive a limited edition vintage Singing Mushrooms pin; Link
- Singing Mushrooms plush items will be available for purchase at Starlight Gifts, Gift Emporium, Congo Thrills, and General Store; Link
- Mushroom foods at Tower Pizza Parlor, Panino e Dolce, and Juke Box Diner; Link
- Discounted Singing Mushroom apparel; Link

Anyone plan on going?
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Kings Dominion said:
To celebrate [Singing Mushroom Weekend], we'll have Mushroom Pizza at Pizza Parlor, Mushroom decorated Cupcakes at Panino e Dolce, and a Grilled onion, portobello mushroom, and Swiss cheese burger at Juke Box Diner! You can also get discounts on select Singing Mushroom apparel, just visit stores for details. AND don't forget to stop by the mushrooms to get your special button! See you this weekend!

Mushroom foods and discounted mushroom apparel? Yes, please!
I noticed in one of the pictures KD posted one of the mushrooms was missing an eyelid, it was wierd.
Poor little shroom. :(


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You know I appreciate the Mushrooms, and I certainly remember them from the old days, but... I am not sure why they are such the "thing"
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Wait a second.... The area the mushrooms are in is a whimsical Apple Grove, a place full of imagination. And an Apple Grove is a common place where people do drugs... Could Candy Apple Grove and the Mushrooms represent something very different than we think?
There are 2 types of people. Those who stop and smell the flowers, and those who pass them by. I'm not saying one way is better than the other. Just the same with these 'shrooms'. The folks that pass them by and the folks that stop to enjoy. Apples and oranges in Candy apple Grove :)
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Zimmy said:
You know I appreciate the Mushrooms, and I certainly remember them from the old days, but...  I am not sure why they are such the "thing"

Didn't get a chance to give a proper response to this earlier, but I agree completely with what Mazakman said. Some people go to these places to ride rides and do the big things, and there's nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, others go to the parks for the little details and things that come up along the way, as Mazakman said "to stop and smell the roses." The mushrooms do just that, they provide an extra little surprise experience, something to do other than ride rides. It's things like the mushrooms that make the park special, that make people want to come back and spend more money.

It seems to me that you are not overly fond of the mushrooms... no harm done. But for me I smile whenever I pass them, and it's a great feeling seeing little ones' faces light up when they watch them sing. Also, the mushrooms show that the park is clearly intent on abandoning their former "coaster park" connotation and they're focusing on becoming the charming amusement park they once were again, with the help of the mushrooms.

Personally, I think they're the "thing" for me because thanks to touches like this I get to finally see what the park was like during the Golden Years, a time that used to be only stories for a younger fan like me.

That, good sir, is why I think the mushrooms are the "thing." But there could be another reason...

It's also highly likely that Scott has infiltrated Kings Dominion and is pushing drug references (hence the giant rainbow-colored talking mushrooms in land full of giant sweets) so the drug-themed London Rocks will be better received. It's always Scott's fault, isn't it?
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