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And that, kids, is why Smudger got turned into a generator. Really hoping everyone on that train is alright, especially the younger ones.
I am really wondering HOW this could have happened.
The witness statements that I have read in news reports say that they heard the train dragging before it flips and that after the incident the wheels were bright silver instead of their normal black color. I would guess it jumped the rails at some point and either wasn't noticed in time or had to much momentum to be stopped.
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Don't think it could have been an overspeed issue, as the train toppled over to the right in the inside of the curve. If it was too fast it would have toppled over to the outside (and likely the whole train, see ). If said witness account is correct, then coach 2 or 3 looks to be the initial derailing coach. Those went over, then pulled coach 1 and the tender car over as well (you can see the further forward in the train, the less of a tilt each car has).

Wild incident, glad there's no major injuries reported at least so far.

[Disclaimer: way more knowledgeable about coasters than trains 😆]
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