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Ben said:
Is Shockwave perhaps on the chopping block?

Pulled its weight this year, has about another five years worth of parts, and it is actually smooth compared to other rides in the park. Anaconda definitely is next, although it's unknown when the axe will fall...
Every day at KD is a bad day. Especially when Shockwave and Anaconda are involved.
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It depends on how you position the seat. I ride it smooth until the last turn into the bunny hops into the brakes. Then you MUST hold your head back as hard as you can. Other than that I still enjoy this ride. But yes B.Mac is correct this ride 1. has TONS of parts 2. Easy Maintenance 3. Doesn't break down much 4. Still brings a crowd. This ride imo should not leave until it 1. starts running out of parts or 2. crowds die down.
Hard to believe this ride will turn 27 this year....That's older than most of the people that ride it nowadays. Still a great ride. But yes I agree, if you're short & don't want your head banging between the restraints, HOLD YOUR HEAD BACK!!
Source: Been riding this ride since 1986. I was barely tall enough to ride it at first & learned the hard way.
Does anyone know where the old stand-up coaster train that is sitting out back behind Flight of Fear came from? Is it from Kings Island? If they are using that one for parts I would think they would keep it better protected from the elements.
Matthew said:
Good thing we weren't talking about Shockwave.

Bringing this discussion and post over from the Alengeist thread, where we were talking about the upkeep of harnesses at KD.

We all know Shockwave's harnesses aren't weren't in the best shape. However, from the pictures I've seen, Shockwave's harnesses have also been replaced with new black, and yellow ones.

Could one of you people who have easy access to KD, or who are there today, confirm?
Nic said:
The only good thing I can think to say about Shockwave is that it isn't as painful as Mantis (Cedar Point's equivalent).

Agreed. Mantis is the biggest B&M mistake ever!
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I've only ridden it once and my gosh I won't ever ride it again. 1: The seats literally lean forward because of how old and crappy they are. 2: Way to shaky 3: Standing up, it doesn't make a difference to me except that I come off the ride hurting and aching.
I call is the "B@!! Buster Breast Bruiser." The bicycle seat and the restraints create a lethal combination for everyone.
I've been lucky the last few times I rode it and got off relatively painless. The part that usually gets me is the bump before the final turnaround.
They need to take this coaster out and fill the space with ALL of the old flats! Just line'm up. Apple Turnover, Monster, Vertigo, and The Big Slide.
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