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If anyone has some stats for this ride, please share. I may have found something very interesting but I'd like to double check everything before I start spreading around a rumor.
Ben said:
Based off of pov's I would say it's about a 3:20 long ride.

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I take it they replied to your email? If so, I'm impressed. BGW would never do such a thing. Anyway, thanks a ton for the stats. My reason behind asking is that some park out there has an Arrow log flume that opened the same year as KD's up for sale. However, the one is question is 1680 feet so I suppose that rules out Shenandoah Lumber Company.
I think this ride opened with the park, like le scoot. However, I find Le Scoot much more enjoyable because you are up high the entire ride, except for the beginning and the end. SLC still is enjoyable, But I usually will choose White Water Canyon over it sense Roman Rapids stinks compared to it and I could ride Le Scoot back at BGW, which I visit more often. I don't think that KD would ever close the ride, at least for now, It seems fairly popular and isn't a coaster.
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It doesn't have the best parts is the thing. I heard that it has a lot of issues and barely passed inspection this year. I know the lift belt is tore up. It was out of align and the sides were tore up, ect.
This year, I really like the inside themeing enchantments and the water wheel looks great, it's about time this ride did get a little bit of love. A really nice water ride that's quite relaxing. :)
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Yes, I know! A lot of theming has been added to the queue house, and boy do I love it. In the main queue building, they have added new old fashioned-style lanterns along the ceiling, and there are various props hanging on the walls and ceiling. There are rusty gears, saws, shovels, etc. hung up on the walls to give a strong sense of being in a lumber mill. There are even overalls and rustic work clothes hung up on the walls like some lumberjacks are really working there. Best of all, they were even playing banjo music in the background that's played only at that attraction. It's amazing how much better the theme and experience are with these little enhancements. Awesome!
In going through old photos I found this one from the early to mid 1990s.  I believe it is SLC.  Can anyone confirm? Note the Pepsi ad on the log building in the distance.



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