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Aug 31, 2013
For a week, during the spring season, have a full performance of a variety of Shakespeare plays throughout the week in the Globe. This would add something new to the park without having to do these big makeovers to the surrounding Hamlet.
The targetted audiences would be Theatre buffs,adults, and more importantly, the School Systems,which would take field trips to see it performed, then they could go play in the park.
The sets could be easy to rig and remove flat set pieces, and the actors could either be newly hired ac tors to busch, or another theatre troupe. For publicity, they could advertise on TV, Radio, Internet, and more importantly, all the Hampton Roads school systems.
This could be a way to get kids interested in Shakespeare and bring more people to the park.\

They could lightly refurb all the Hamlets with a nice repaints and repairs.

Celebrity guests(Not Fabio). Maybe, David Tennant for a guest starring role in the shakespeare show. Other popular people in the starlight and have fans and media go with them through the park.This would, once again, bring Busch a larger potential audience. people say , Oh look whatshisface went there and set it was fun! Lets go too!.

Is this a good Idea? Have any other Spring season/general shows/special events ideas? Lets hear them! We always talk about summer, HoS, and CT, why not show Spring some love?
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If the park does full on Shakespeare production, I feel they should make it a year round production instead of a spring thing. Leave springtime to Food & Wine Festival.

At most, maybe bring back Bud & BBQ as a taste of what F&W will become or bring Ramp Jam back. I really enjoyed it when it was still in production. Hell, spring concerts in the Festhaus Park in general would be pretty awesome.

I'd rather just see the park as itself in spring and summer, not decked out in over-the top decorations. Leave that to HOS and CT.
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What a great idea...!

Here's one variant on it, starting with a question: Aside from general maintenance or the occasional attraction installation/removal, what else goes on inside the Globe during the post-Christmas, pre-Spring months?

It seems to me that those months would provide a good opportunity to host a staging or two of some Shakespeare. Get the local schools, snag/create a festival, and open just the "grounds" of the England entryway as far as the theater. No need to staff gift shops etc., as there is plenty of room for a snack and swag stand within the Globe lobby area.

I have no idea how much space is available in the wings and backstage area of the Globe, nor any sense for the availability of spotlights or comprehensive stage lighting there. So the theater may or may not support a full production. But I do recall that there have been variety acts in there in long-past years, so there must be some kind of infrastructure for a basic stage play (no gigantic effects, no live music, etc.).

Interesting to think about, at least.
It should be free, like the concerts and summertime evnts, its just included with general admission.
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