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Mar 16, 2016
We don’t have anything like this here, and given the rumored water park changes, I think it’s worth it to have this.

Man, removing Wild One is the worst take I've ever seen. Wild One is the best ride in the park, IMHO. It's a big part of what draws me to SFA.

I know it’s a wold take. Like I said - it’s a major choke point and issue creator.

But I could give you the alternate take that I had here in a bigger concept:
Move a bunch of the dry park north of Wild One. I had this thought while reading @Zachary ’s post, where all of Coyote Creek goes away, most of the Chesapeake themed area goes away, and both get absorbed as land space for the waterpark. All of Olde Boston would become the new entry plaza.

Now for my fun of what I thought with @Zachary ’s post, and I hope I’m not stealing any thunder here - Looney Tunes Movie Town can absorb Mardi Gras. And this could potentially be a bigger kids park that’s a separate gate. Then the back part behind Wild One becomes your standard SF park but all DC themed. You can move Fireball back there, you create space to make a little plaza for an entry to Roar through the back side of Wild One that can house a small area That doesn’t take away from your expanded water park.

The best part of this? The pass through that’s currently under Wild One’s lift becomes your new park gate.
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