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Resident Rat - They/Them
Sep 3, 2019
VA Beach
I was at the park yesterday and thought I check out the Kids' Weekend stuff with my little ones.

They are a bit old for most of the Sesame Street stuff, but they are big into crafting, so I thought it might be worth it for at least that.

The activities offered for this event were pitiful though. The whole backstage area where the activities are staged was deserted. (Sunday early afternoon).

The "colorful flower maze" was wide open on one side and then a straight corridor back out of the "maze". Not even a toddler would be able to get even slightly lost in there. Like you would have to actively walk into an obvious dead end to make it off of the main path.
Nothing to search for as activity in there either, like they do for the hay maze.


Their crafting stations were completely deserted as well, as they only had 2 activities:
The advertised paper bag character crafting and regular coloring sheets.

But the faces for the paper bags weren't available, rendering that whole activity pointless and all the coloring sheets were the same picture.
It felt like someone copied the wrong sheet and no one cared that the crafting wasn't working since they just left the stuff sitting out without any of it making sense.
My kids literally spent up to an hour crafting in parks before but didn't last 5 minutes on this one.


They also had a stage for their dance party, but that wasn't running at the time we made it there so I can't comment on that.

I felt sorry for the one family we saw walking into the area as we were leaving.
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