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Aug 14, 2013
I took my 2 year old son to BGT today to see the Summer Nights stuff in addition to our usual Sesame Street/elephants/choo choo ride routine. The boy has been begging for more fireworks since July 4th. Anyway, in Sesame Street, he was asking for Bert and Ernie. I was told by the woman escorting Elmo and Big Bird that if my son really wants to see B & E, I should take him back this week or weekend because all of the characters are going on a greatly reduced schedule. Additionally, she said all of the A is for Africa shows during the week are being cancelled and it will only be performed on the weekends.
She said, "more big changes are coming. I don't even know the half of it yet."

I JUST renewed our yearly pass so I am super annoyed with this. To escape crowds and work around naptimes, we often come to BG on weekdays and spur-of-the-moment. I avoid weekends. The last thing that BG needs to do is cut weekday schedules for anything related to Sesame Street. On a weekday at, say, 11am, I have witnessed the parking lots nearly empty and very few people in the park, but the Sesame area is completely packed with parents, nannies and preschoolers eating ice cream and buying toys.

The woman who gave me this info urged me to complain at guest services and I did file a written complaint. We shall see what comes of it. Crown Colony closing, now Bert and Ernie are getting fired? This is ridiculous.
Unfortunately, we've been hearing that more cutbacks and "seasonal closures" were coming. First I've heard of Safari of Fun being affected directly, but not surprising in the least.

This is certainly the part of the park I'm least familiar with. Does anyone know if they've reduced characters or the number/days of performances for A is for Africa previously? Or is this a new seasonal reduction?
They had A is for Africa playing last year during the week in early October... Not sure if that helps other than it not being peak season.
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