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I will not be there as I made plans already. For anyone that will be there, feel free to post your Twitter name if you'll be posting updates. The signal in the Festhaus is spotty at best, so the more options we have for updates, the better.
I'll be there. I'm still trying to get twitter to work properly in my app so I can use that to update instead of a random live blogging site I found.

I think if everyone used a set hash tag while there it could make things easier for those trying to follow whats going on. Just a suggestion.
I don't get an ounce of data in the Festhaus, but I should be able to post using SMS.

Here's a question to all the members: Which would you prefer?
A) Live updates during the event. Should work fine over SMS to my Twitter account.
B) Pictures posted ASAP after the event (probably whenever I get home or back into reasonable data coverage- whichever comes first)
C) Video of the event posted after I get back home, edit it, and upload it- should be done sometime that evening or night.

Also, who else will be there, what (if anything) are you willing to do, and what equipment do you have to do it? I'd be great to have all three of these things done and I have the tech to do all three- the thing I'm lacking is hands.
The most I'll be able to do are take medium quality pics and upload them when I get home and maybe provide updates to the forums.
I can record a video with my iphone, which has very good picture quality is that good with everyone?
Ok, I have the video camera (records 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps). If someone wants to meetup before the announcement and there's a volunteer with steady hands (unlike me), I could live update via Twitter while someone else films...
Ill be there Swift i can help, also did u guys wanna meetup and sit at the same table or what?
studiopzp said:
Has anybody done a BBQ at the Black Forest? I'm thinking about hitting that upm

I have. Skip it. Eat at the Smokehouse. Last year the food tasted awful.

Balak95 said:
...also did u guys wanna meetup and sit at the same table or what?

That's what I was thinking. It's probably best if we meetup outside the park entrance before it opens and then walk back to the Festhaus together so we don't have to try to look for people once inside. I'll have my BGWFans shirt.
Not open for further replies.
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