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Also I would like to point out that the hut shown in the picture looks to be mid-ride. The one at SWSA is the beginning of the ride. I would assume it will be more of a scenery item than anything.
Yeah, I think it's supposed to be where the second launch is. It's not impossible the ride could pause there, but from the picture it doesn't look like there will be much to see.
I’m not sure if that’s even fake snow or just white gravel. Still, it looks way better than the completely unthemed gravel pits underneath SEAS’ other recent ice-themed coasters (Ice Breaker and Emperor). Just goes to show that just a tiny bit more spending and some creativity can go a long way.
Ngl the level of theming here is impressive... granted the bar literally couldn't have been lower after Emperor, but still, major props (literally) to SWSD for attempting any level of theming for the first time since 2017. They even planted a few token pine trees! I'm guessing the helipad is where the helicopter will ultimately be?
I'm really interested to see if this ride uses the simulator space on the western side of the building. From just walking through the hallway between the gift shop and the exhibit, it looks like the two simulator bays closest to the gift shop are still intact with the doors still in place. In all reality, what's everyone's guess on the likelihood of a new simulator or flying theater ride going into that spot? There's been no sign of construction for a 2024 ride anywhere else in the park, and they're running out of land to build more coasters.
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