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I noticed that the report main concerns is with the Florida and California parks and SEA San Antonio in Texas. Is BGW specifically mentioned in this report ?
For once, they are focusing in on BGW which saw a decline in attendance. I know it may just be the weather, timing of Easter break, and everything like that. The only thing that bothers me with BGW is that "numbers" show guest satisfaction going down steadily vs. last year, aside from maybe three good weeks.

Meanwhile, San Antonio seems to be soaring. Whether or not it has anything to do with Carl Lum being there now, I'm sure it will look good on him with the sudden shift between parks.

Edit: None of this really surprises me, sadly.
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I expect once Carl has had a chance to destroy the place their numbers will be in the shitter too. It takes a year or more for the impacts to be felt.
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^At least now he can practice his speeches in front of dolphins! XP (Ok, I know that was mean.)

Anyway, I like to think that he learned a lot since Williamsburg. By the time he left for SWSA, he actually knew the park. Maybe he will know where to start this time.
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SWSA had an extremely shitty year last year which is why their year-over-year attendance/revenue numbers are looking good at the moment, but they're still not where they were years before.
I feel like this is asinine. Coming from a member of this forum who got banned for threatening an admin over this company, I think SeaWorld needs to clean the slate, get rid of their stock, and take back everything they've said this year. What a trainwreck, I've never seen a company alienate their fanbase so bad and look what happens. Bad karma does bite you in the ass now doesn't it Manby?

Look I'm keeping my SeaWorld pass, not going anywhere. I love this forum too much to do that (Trying to keep active). But something needs to change & fast.
This is rather telling on BGW/WC.

"total attendance at all other park locations decreased by 202,000 guests due almost entirely to a decline at the company's Virginia park locations, which are seasonal parks, resulting from the holiday calendar shift"

If anyone has noticed they haven't been using overflow parking much this year(Except Spring Break) even on Saturday's which tend to be busiest. Also England parking I've not gone once this season I haven't been able to park in there without issue.
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