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Nov 25, 2009
I feel like this isn't the right place to post this, but I couldn't make a thread in the Seaworld section without making it under Rumor/History.

I went to Seaworld Orlando on Sunday to check out the Christmas shows and Polar Express. I've never been to any theme park during any kind of Christmas event, as I lived in the Williamsburg area up until August.

I had a lot of fun and really liked the shows! Clyde and Seamore was hilarious, mainly because it was full of bloopers. Shamu's Christmas Miracle's was a good show (because I like Shamu), but just had too much whale and was very similar to Believe. I didn't get a chance to see the On Ice show because it was so packed, so I left the park for the evening.

Polar Express was awesome! I normally can't ride Wild Artic because it makes me queasy, but I was fine! The ride and animal area is decked out, Christmas style! You can even get your picture taken with Santa.

Awesome expierence. If any of you come to Orlando this month, check out Seaworld.

My full trip report (with pictures) can be viewed here.
Send a PM to Chris here or a DM to him on Twitter. He should be able to make a Trip Report section under SeaWorld and move this thread.

I'm going to read your Trip Report now... :)
I agree. It was very well done. Also, it was in normal BBT style, only a few hundred pictures. :p
We got to the park at 4 and left at 830.. in 4 and a half hours, we managed to take like 700 pictures. I think I narrowed it down pretty well.. In total, I think I left 270. :p
More Christmas at Seaworld!

This time, Erik and I were invited by Seaworld to come and check out their Winter Wonderland on Ice show where we were able to ice skate with the performers (ice skating not available to the general public) and meet the Sea Lion, Seamore (also not available to the general public).

Check out the video, show, and pictures.

kcracken said:
I love the BTT Christmas banner. Very festive!

Thank ya! This was our first animated banner (only animated at Behind the Thrills).. I thought it turned out well.
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