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Apr 29, 2011
Just saw a Screamscape tweet that SeaWorld P&E bought Knotts Soak City in Chula Vista, CA and will be transforming it into Aquatica.

Kinda weird since this park will be located 25 miles south of SeaWorld San Diego but understandable since there is no land available by the marine park.

edit: The Orlando Sentinel is now reporting it.,0,5984509.story

"Do I think that in the U.S. marketplace there's a place for 10 more SeaWorlds? Probably not," Atchison said at the time. "But there's probably other locations that could support other concepts that we have and, I think, do very well."

Makes you wonder if they are gonna retheme Water Country USA...
ScreamScape said:
2013 - Aquatica San Diego - (3/18/13) SeaWorld San Diego has announced that the opening day for Aquatica San Diego will be on June 1st, 2013. They have sent out some new concept art images showing off how the existing waterpark will be transformed into Aquatica as they add in lush plant life and will make the home to a variety of exotic animals.
As expected, the park’s slides and attractions have all been renamed starting this year. Here is the breakdown of the park’s attractions and names:
Whanau Way: Boasting a 60-foot water slide complex featuring six slides, four enclosed and two open air, this ride is a must on any waterpark enthusiast’s list.
HooRoo Run: Guests can choose their own adventure: two enclosed and two open-air slides await for a thrilling descent down this 80-foot ride.
Woohoo Falls: Adventurers embark on one of three water slides with speedy twists and turns, including one in the dark for those up to the challenge.
Kiwi Curl: Guests can put their adrenaline level to the test as they ride down one of three 60-foot-tall water slides. Thrill seekers have the option of sliding in the dark.
Walhalla Wave: This 78-foot ride is designed for families to enjoy together (height requirement is 42”) in a gigantic tube. A tube lift means no lugging it up the stairs!
Tassie’s Twister: Plunge down a 75-foot water slide in a multi-person raft through thousands of swirling water before dropping into a six-story funnel.
Big Surf Shores: One of the largest wave pools in Southern California, guests swim in more than 500,000 gallons of water with period swells of up to five feet. A white sandy beach (43,000 square feet!) allows visitors to relax on lawn chairs or luxuriate in nearby cabanas.
Loggerhead Lane: Guests can swim or float along in an inner tube down a winding 1,250-foot long lazy river, with the added surprise of more than a dozen Caribbean flamingos on display. Playful fountains provide plenty of opportunities to splash while soaking up the sun.
Walkabout Waters: This four-story interactive and colorful outdoor attraction features loads of hands-on fun with slides, hoses, jets, geysers and more. Every five minutes, a 500-gallon bucket unloads water on everyone below!
Kata’s Kookaburra Cove: Children can splash and play safely in this children’s area featuring a pool and ropes. This kooky, quirky cove has a way of making even a grown-up want to jump right in and play.
Slippity Dippity: Families with toddlers can splash the day away and let their imagination run rampant as they explore an endless sea of fun at this attraction, which includes kid-sized slides.
Animal Exhibits:
At Loggerhead Lane, guests will enjoy not only a lush tropical attraction with a winding 1,250-foot-long lazy river, but also an up-close view of more than a dozen Caribbean flamingos. In addition, twice a day, these flamingos will make their way across the park in a fun and festive flamingo parade for guests to enjoy.
Also, a habitat with dozens of freshwater turtles, representing several species, will live in an exhibit that will feature under- and above-water viewing.

We haven't heard much from this in a while, but does this sound like a quick retheme or can we expect an expanded park?
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