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Grand Carnivale, Haunt, and WinterFest X-Pert
Jul 26, 2014
With Kings Dominion’s Pass Perks, a new rewards program exclusively for Season Passholders, each and every park visit earns you a chance to win a VIP Experience Package for an upcoming event, including our Grand Carnivale in June and Monster Jam in July.

According to a passholder email about the program,

As the winner of the VIP [Grand Carnivale] Experience Package, you will be treated with FREE food sampling cards, an array of fantastic merchandise plus an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Grand Carnivale Parade!

This sounds pretty awesome! I'm excited to see what type of packages they'll have for the Monster Jam Experience, Halloween Haunt, and WinterFest!
I could care less about a monster truck, unless the vip experience includes me ‘driving it’. However, some special treatment at the other events seems pretty cool to me.
They're giving 50% off a caramel apple that they already get for 50% off
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Genuine question, what perk gets you a free caramel apple?
Genuine question, what perk gets you a free caramel apple?

None, Cedar Fair doesn't offer a snack deal and idk why that was brought up. My primary complaint with the pass perk system as it is now is that the perks are only known about through e-mail blasts, and in this case is only a minor increase compared to the extant pass perk (which is 10% off all food purchases). These discounts were already available and redeemable via their park apps, as well. They rolled the perks program into an e-mail notification, it's nothing new from them but they're saying it is.
How do I get these pass perks? We have KD season passes (Gold). I didn't get any email about anything free like popcorn or bring-a-friend tickets.
It should be a full passholder wide rollout in 2020, but for now it's only available for market testing at Kings Island, Carowinds, Kings Dominion, and Dorney Park.

Based on the way the rewards program is going on guest comments, they're only available at the park which you purchased the pass from. There was one deal for a BOGO Xtreme Skyflyer ticket in comments, and another complaint about 10% off on food for someone who had dining plan. This is the first time I've seen Cedar Fair do BAFF, and I'm terribly disappointed that they're only doing it in a rewards program and with the availability of the perk being on a limited basis.

I understand they want to do things differently from Six Flags but as this rewards program stands it's nothing much different from the previous app program they had, with a few more rewards tossed in. I hope it gets properly addressed and adjusted for its full rollout in 2020.
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Carowinds has been doing Pass Perks this summer. Nothing for special events like this. We did get free gate photos with our rescheduled Preview day to Sunday. Well, preview hour. Pass members got in an hour early. Perks we were offered this summer had expired dates and not all of us go the same perk. Okay when it was a free fudge or drink, but sucky when only one of us got a quick Q. When it was a "cheap" perk that involved BOGO then all three of us got the same perk. So, really good for single goers. A mixed bag for families. Or, if you can't get back before they expire.


Oh, and it had to be a CANDY apple. Not chocolate, or caramel, or specialty. Handily, they were out of candy ones that day and would not apply it to and coated apple. We complained because their shortage of candy wasn't our problem and a supervisor went around the system to give us caramel one. For a second there, It felt like I was back in the good old days at Busch.
KD put out a Season Pass event for this Saturday, Dec 7th from 2:00-3:30 pm. Only open for 2019-2020 Passholders.

  • 90 minute skate session for $7.50 Per Person (Max. 600 persons on the ice).
  • Season Pass Holder gets 20% discount on food and merchandise on I-Street.
  • (Does NOT include Mrs. Claus Cookie Decorating Activity)
  • First 800 SP Holders get some sort of gift when entering the park.
It sounds like only I-Street will be open and GP allowed in at 4:00 pm.

Winterfest Skate & Shop Event
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