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Mar 6, 2013
Hello Everyone!

I bought a platinum season pass this year to Cedar Fair the day before Easter. The first issue I had was when I arrived at the park the person at the booth for parking had no idea that parking was included with a platinum pass. Processing went very fast and I was happy about that.

The next week I went to California on a amusement park tour and went to Gilroy Gardens, California's Great America, and Knott's Berry Farm. My season pass to get into all 3 worked just fine and there were no issues there. Now when we tried to use our parking at both Great America and Knott's (we already knew you cannot use the parking at Gilroy) it did not work - they scanned the cards and nothing. At both parks neither attendant at the parking booth knew you received parking with a platinum pass. I find this silly that the co-workers are not educated on this simple fact. Also at one of the parks the guy looked at us and said Kings Dominion is not part of this chain (since the cards have KD on them - EVEN though Snoopy is on them). We just starred at him and finally he let us in.

Once we entered both parks their customer service desk had no idea what was going on. At both times they had to get managers to come fix this issue. And even than they could only fix it for their respective park - not as a chain. One of the MANAGERS even said - where is KD? Are you serious you are a manager and you don't know that simple fact! I know a manager at KD and he can name every park in the chain and most simple facts about each park - that is a dedicated employee.

So now I have called AND emailed KD about this issue 10 times and have not heard anything. When I call the guest information number ((804) 876-5000) they have on their website it just rings and rings and rings. I literally sat here today and let it ring for 15 minutes. Granted I could just go back to the park but the POINT of me buying this was so I could visit each park in the chain once this summer. I plan on going to Dorney a few times (my fave park in the chain) and Cedar Point for 2 days. Also I may get down to Carowinds and I do not want to run into this same problem with the parking not working.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
If you're having trouble with CGA and Knotts, it's probably their fault more than anything. I'd say you should try getting in contact with CP, Carowinds and Dorney before your trip. That way you can get this problem out of the way.

- Did you call KD on a weekday? Even though there should be people there working behind the scenes, the park is closed.
Try calling Friday, Saturday, or Sunday as those are operational days (even though guest services should be open 7 days a week). Worse comes to worse; contact Cedar Fair about it. As for the email, I'm sure the park gets a fair amount of emails regarding questions, concerns, or problems so give them a few days to get back at you. In some cases they might want to investigate/ research the issue before getting back to you.
Considering he has emailed repeatedly now, it sounds more like they're ignoring him. You could always take it to their Facebook page. It's a lot harder for a park to ignore things when they're out in the open for everyone to see.
I know someone in KD that works in high management and he keeps saying simply call. Funny I tell him I am having issues and he is NOT trying to help me.

They are there Monday-Friday and their offices close at 5 PM. I was able to get this much info out. I have spoke with a receptionist but they have not had anyone call me like they said they would.

I have emailed Cedar Fair several times with no response.

To Evan - I did not email them 10 times in one day. Please do not misinterpret my words. That is rude and ignorant.
What a bizarre scenario you encountered with your pass. I had the complete opposite experience at Knotts a couple years ago. My platinum pass worked fine at parking and the girl at the entrance gate who scanned my pass was excited to see one from KD because it was the first time she'd ever seen one. We even chatted briefly about I-305.

If you're not getting through by e-mail I would call Cedar Fair's offices and try to talk to someone. The number posted on their website is (419) 627-2233.
I emailed Kings Dominion season pass office (they have a separate email listed on their website), and I asked a couple questions about season passes. I never received a response. Since I have not yet spent money on a pass, I let it go and assumed the lack of response (poor customer service) was a form off representation of what I should expect from the park. The fact that you have had so much trouble getting a response from your calls and emails gives me even less faith in the park and the chain.
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