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Mar 6, 2013
This year is my first year buying a platinum pass to Cedar Fair. First let me start with I do think its worth the money because if you can get to several Cedar Fair parks its pretty awesome. Their parks are beautiful!

On the flip side I HATE how the advantages of having a platinum pass vary from park to park for the SAME kind of discount. For instance:

-At KD if you want to get a discount on merchandise you have to go to customer service and trade money for play (Cedar Fair) money. I find this stupid. I have no idea how much I am going to wanna spend in a day. If I trade too much they will not trade it back to real money. I know I can I use it at other parks and bring it back but that means I have to remember it and I find this ridiculous. Now at California's Great America you automatically get a discount off ANYTHING you buy in the park if you flash your pass. There is not a set limit - I bought a shot glass that was on clearance for $1.99 and I could still use the discount.

This is just an example of what I mean. I wish they were all consistent.
Perhaps it has something to do with KD's Point of Sale systems not being compatible with Great America's, etc? So the only way they can track it is by using the KD dollars?
It's very odd for Cedar Fair to have a pass to all the parks and each park having different benefits. Also remember that some parks are not originally built by Cedar Fair (Kings Dominion and Kings Island) so they might not have fully updated the systems to accomodate it because they probably don't care enough for it.
I just checked the website of a number of CF properties (CP, WOF, Mich Adventure, and KI) and they all have the same benefits. I'd say they just have different ways to implement them.
I think KD's P-O-S system is advanced enough to give the season pass discount at the register. I think the Scooby/Snoopy bucks is antiquated and needs to be done away with. Just give me my Season pass discount at the restaurant or shop I am using. That discount probably would not work at mobile carts and I don't think the park gives any discount for games of any type

Keep in mind that the legacy Paramount Parks had advanced Point of Sale registers and more advanced computer systems than the legacy Cedar Fair parks. Cedar Fair had to bring their legacy parks up to current technology standards when they took over the Paramount parks. They actually learned from the former Paramount Park employees. That is what happens when you have someone in charge for too long (Kinzel).
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