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Jun 6, 2013
According to this article seaworld has announced it is going to phase out and replace the Shamu show with a more conservation geared orca exhibit.
I'm for it, as long as they still have the animals perform various acts that inspire people as well as making sure they're properly exercised.
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I think although there is an element which makes me somewhat sad, I support their decision. I think One Ocean is rather boring by itself anyway. Seeing them is now really the most amazing part of it all.

I hate the idea that "PETA won" etc., but I still hope that this will open new opportunities to drive their education and conservation goal. The former show, "Believe" was inspirational to me. I hope they already have a good idea for what they plan to do now. This had to be a tough decision. It must feel to them like surrendering to terrorists.
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Because $$$.

Sadly, BGT is one of the parks most strongly hit by the cuts. Side note, watch out for attendance hits on the sea world parks this year with the orca shows ending in 3 days.
I believe, based on stories I've read, is they're changing, not ending.

I think you are both correct. The current show is ending in SWO and SWSA and a new more educational experience will be taking it's place. This is the same experience that has been at SWSD since 2017 I believe. It was announced at the end of 2015 that SWSD would change in 2017 and that the other 2 parks would also change by 2020.
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